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Thank You British Airways (And Some Things I Think They Should Change)

Just a short blog, saying a massive thanks to “Ursula” at British Airways, for allowing me to change my flight dates, waiving normal change fees, “bending” the rules for me. I think there will only be a small fare change fee, if any. Very polite and helpful on the phone today, and she want the extra mile for me – I’m grateful.

This is the second time (recently) I’ve had helpful customer service from British Airways and they’ve bent over backwards to help me. The other time was during the crew strike last year, and they were able to get me an alternative flight with Qatar airways, and very helpful on the phone.

the plane,aircraft,jet,transport,jumbo jet,british-airways, DON CHARISMA

99% of the time BA have treated me exceptionally well, over the years, and I’m happy to fly with them. I was even once, many many years ago, upgraded (for free) from club to first, by a very kind woman at JFK New York. It’s the first time I’d been in first, and will probably be the last, as no way I can afford to fly first or even club these days.

As a relatively frequent flyer (in economy) – My only (critical) suggestions for BA are :

  1. Be a little more lenient on slightly overweight bags – most of us don’t have professionally calibrated scales at home, and do our best to follow the rules (like weighing bags at home as best we can). Occasionally we may be a kilo or two overweight. In the scheme of things this shouldn’t cause the flight a problem, as other passengers after often underweight. It’s pretty off to have a fare paying passenger on their hands and knees at check-in desk repacking suitcases, and having to throw things away – that should be an absolute last resort.
  2. Do something about the rude, and unhelpful staff at check-in at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, and this relates to 1. above. I hasten to add that most of the check-in staff in Bangkok have usually been very polite and helpful, but there are definitely some bad eggs.
  3. Get rid of the ghastly check-in machines at terminal 5 (London Heathrow), and put some real people back on check-in desks. It’s quite the disappointment to arrive at the airport, and not speak to a real human being, I do feel robbed of something valuable. Aside from after having a million things to organise, to then have to work out how to put a luggage label on a bag, and work out an unfamiliar computer system – especially for older people. Automating and mechanising things isn’t always progress, especially for those check-in ladies and gents who will have lost their jobs.

I make these criticisms with a positive intent, as I think it would improve BA’s service, to a higher standard – these small things make the difference between loyal customers, and customers who eventually will fly with someone else.

Sincerely I wish BA the very best of luck financially, over the coming weeks and months, as this will be a very challenging time for them because of the pandemic. Qatar airways have a 25% shareholding in BA, so might be they may be able to help.

Thank you once again BA, and Ursula who works for BA customer services.


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10 thoughts on “Thank You British Airways (And Some Things I Think They Should Change)

    1. BA are good, and have been for a long time. And yeah hate those machines. Qatar have them now too at Heathrow.

      Qatar have newer planes, I think, but for my regular journey means a short stopover, and re-doing security at stupid-o-clock in Doha (including having water confiscated !)

      Have yet to try Singapore or Emirates, heard some good reports of both, but always been more expensive than my wallet can support. Or I preferred a direct.

      Thai airways was fine, but they rarely do discount/sales. They surprisingly had a relatively generous luggage allowance.

      Ryanair never again, unless they were the only route, or massive saving. Transferring items between mine and my girlfriend’s hand luggage on our hands and knees, sank their chances of me ever flying with them again. It’s the same weight on the plane, just extra hassle/stress for us.

      Cathay Pacific were good, but means stopover in Hong Kong on my regular journey.

      EasyJet I dunno if they are still around, but they were OK, and flew them in preference to Ryanair, for luggage bullshit issues.

      Eva were pretty good too. Bit stingy on the luggage if I remember correctly.

      Swiss I flew a few times, and were fine.

      Aeroflot was OK. But being pushed over/past by another passenger whilst trying to stow my hand luggage was annoying. I’m told that was a cultural thing, but still rude.

      Etihad I had good experiences with.

      Mainly it usually ends up being a compromise between price of ticket, luggage allowance and direct or indirect.

      And, these days a lot of longhaul budget tickets are hand luggage only, which means I have to pay extra for suitcase.

      Sorry, bit longer than I expected, but maybe useful, just my two pence 🙂

      1. Good to have your opinions. We only go back and forth to England now as.our son lives there and our daya of adventure travel are pretty much behind us.

      2. I got a bit carried away, sometimes it happens when I start writing.

        My grandma would like to still be travelling, but says they won’t insure her – she’s 100 next year. I’m doing my best to keep in touch, as she’s been told to isolate, and she’s pretty social person.

        Hope you and loved ones are safe.



      3. 100 that is a great age. Good genes. I have done a lotof adventure travel and my husband travelled the world for work. Together we took our kids, then 2 and 4 around Australia in a campervan for six months. Fabulous!. We always took our kids on European trips and many to England. We love to travel but both of us now have some health complications that would be difficult to translate into Mandarin or Hindi 😃 so we are more conservative in our travel. We are well and observing self isolation. Stay safe and stay well !

      4. She keeps on telling me about her good genes !

        Yeah, it’s good to travel, I think it helps to build one’s character, and grow as a person.

        Sorry to hear about health complications. And, definitely best to isolate.

        Speak soon


      5. Good genes too then 🙂 … and yeah, doesn’t sound like much fun explaining to translator.

        Still, at least you had the chance to travel, and some amazing times I’m sure.

  1. I got notice from them yesterday re our flights coming up in a couple of weeks will be cancelled. ..which can’t take. Took two minutes to cancel and receive a credit for future flights. Working with Air Canada for three weeks on our flight cancellations….

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