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Thailand Closing Borders To *ALL* Foreigners – Effective 26-Mar-2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic – Thailand has put into place an emergency decree, the main item of interest is that Thai borders are now closed to *ALL* foreigners, as of midnight tonight, ie 26-Mar-2020 00:01 Thai time.

I’ve highlighted the relevant sentences in bold, and included (in this post) a PDF binder with the original decree in Thai language.

This from :

Thailand Closes Down Border, Tells Elderly Citizens to Stay Home


BANGKOK — The first raft of measures issued under the emergency decree on Wednesday instructed senior citizens and those with vulnerable health conditions to refrain from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary.


The same order, which will come into effect a minute after midnight, also bars traveling into Thailand through its land, sea, and air border checkpoints, with several exceptions. Facilities like nightclubs, playgrounds, and sports venues in Bangkok metropolis will remain closed down indefinitely.


Violations may be punished by up to two months in prison under the 2005 Royal Decree on Emergency Situations. Offenses not mentioned in the decree may also be punishable by other laws related to public health and safety.


Curfews are not mentioned in the statement, which also absolved security officers from prosecution when carrying out operations ordered by their superiors.


The announcements, which are effective nationwide from tomorrow to April 30 unless stated otherwise, include:


  • Provincial governors can ban the public from entering any designated areas
  • Venues with high risks of infection in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan, and Samut Sakhon, will remain closed, such as nightclubs, spas, gyms, sports stadiums, and massage parlors.
  • Land, sea, and air travels into Thailand will be denied with the exception of goods transportation, diplomatic missions, foreigners who hold work permits in Thailand, Thai citizens with embassy permits and health certificates, and any other journeys exempted by the Prime Minister.
  • Hoarding goods related to food, drinking water, and medical supplies will result in arrests and prosecution.
  • Large gatherings will be banned.
  • News coverage that contains false information or cause panic or affects national security will be censored, and those responsible for the contents punished.
  • People under 5 and over 70 will be asked to stay home. They should only journey outside for medical appointments, banking activities, buying their food, contacting the police, carrying out law enforcement orders, among other essential activities.
  • Those with preexisting health conditions are also asked to stay indoors.
  • Commuting between provinces is discouraged, and those who travel to another province will be required to undergo health checks and give their personal details for a possible quarantine order.
  • Shops selling essential goods and services will continue to operate, including banks, factories, markets, supermarkets, financial institutions, gas stations, and online deliveries.
    The full text of the announcement is available in Thai here.

Source – Teeranai Charuvastra, News Chief, – March 25, 2020 4:33 pm (Thai time) – Link here

I put the decree (in Thai) in a PDF file, you can download here – 20200325.Thai.Emergency.Decree

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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4 thoughts on “Thailand Closing Borders To *ALL* Foreigners – Effective 26-Mar-2020

    1. They effectively closed them a week ago, but “rich” people could still do it with cert and heavy insurance policy. But yes, worldwide, powers that be have been slow to close the borders – closing the gate after the horse has bolted, IMO.

      Hope you and your loved ones are safe GP.

    2. PS, there’s many poor people in Thailand who live hand to mouth, and Thailand relies heavily on tourism industry. So that may be another reason for late closure.

      I really feel quite worried for them, because there’s not many tourists and many people have virtually nothing. Government is unlikely to do much to help them either.

      It’s tough all round with this pandemic, but toughest for the poorest. Heartbreaking.

  1. Smart.

    Maine has a strongly suggested curfew in towns. The cities have a stay at home order, finally.

    I think it would make sense to just shut it down and be done. The president wants business open in two weeks, but I find this unlikely.

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