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Occasionally a whole blog posts turn up in my comments. I posted Carl Benjamin’s video – “Democrats Are Playing Politics With Coronavirus Relief” … And, thanks to Seax for this comment, which I felt like sharing with you as it’s pertinent right now, and an eloquently vocalised opinion :

I live in the New England region of North America.


For years I tried to stay on the politics is fake and stupid train. But you can’t ignore the slippery snakes. There is nothing they won’t spin, this way or that way, for esoteric gain that doesn’t travel downward socially. And it creates an abuse of high trust populations who are pitted against each other in a way that’s not natural. And for what? Table scraps. Dems and Reps voting base aren’t really all that different, news source choices aside.


I have to put on my big brained centrist (tinfoil) hat now, because while the Democrats are annoying traitors, the Republicans are gutless traitors. And all parties have placed social preference over physical lives. Are we seriously arguing over what to call the virus, to the tune of people dieing? Are we really using this to do partisan bickering, business as usual and orange man bad?


I hope and pray this becomes a learning lesson, and that normies don’t forget about the past month or so when this is finally over and get excited to consume product again.


If nothing else comes of it, a little popular ownership of the political process would be good. No more of this vote according to who has the most obnoxious ad routine. It’s no wonder our politicians are all cardboard cut out men when citizens put about zero effort on average into understanding their world interrelationally.


Anyways. Autism trigger over. Hopefully all is well in jolly old Britain. As well as can be expected, anyhow.




Author – Seax pronounced “Sax” –

Thanks Seax.


Don Charisma

Disclaimer – I AM JUST PASSING THIS ON (as fakestream media continues to lie, omit, cover up and spin an extreme minority narrative) – When opinions are stated anywhere on this blog they are just opinions, not facts, truths or endorsements. I am not a journalist or an activist and TBH most of the time not a “serious” writer either, more I enjoy creative writing (blogging is supposed to be fun?). I’m a centrist, I read and view content from both sides of the aisle (as long as it’s not blatant propaganda, or utter trash) – so I’m sharing this for your information, something you may not be aware of and may be interested in (or not, in which case, just go to the next post). As with any news, article, post, writing or report, don’t just take it at face value, do your own research, use your own critical thinking. Kind of obvious really, but best stated, so that it’s clear.

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