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Twitter/Trump Poetry Humour – Mistermuse

Mistermuse commented on my post – entitled “There’s Writers And Then There’s Writers”

The comment is funny and made me laugh – Even though I’m anti-“Orange man bad”, relatively neutral on Trump – I don’t trust him, the same as I don’t trust pretty much any/all politicians.

Humour is still humour, and good writing is still good writing, at the end of the day :

“There’s writers and then there’s writers”….
There’s a tweet writer who’s nothing but an inciter.
I’m all right with “writers and then there’s writers”
But the tweet writer who Trumps them all is a blighter.


Author “Mistermuse” – https://theobservationpost.wordpress.com/about/

Also it’s possible I didn’t get the point, so, apologies if that’s the case.


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7 thoughts on “Twitter/Trump Poetry Humour – Mistermuse

  1. I don’t know many people who are “relatively neutral on Trump” — most are either strongly for or against him. Personally, I can’t stand him, so I sit down as much as possible to keep my blood pressure from rising out of control.

    1. I understood that from the poem, and liked the poem – otherwise I wouldn’t have blogged it on the front page.

      And you’re right there’s a polarisation.

      1. Sorry if I seemed to assume that you personally are neutral on Trump. Actually, my whole comment left something to be desired, because my last sentence was intended to be humorous, but instead, probably fell flat.

      2. Good writing is good writing. Period.

        You achieved that.

        And, no I didn’t feel anything fell flat, I liked and enjoyed the comment. You eloquently expressed your opinion, via poetry.

        I’m still a student of politics. I studied the Clinton vs Trump campaign and election, in detail. Both sides made mistakes (which is a whole post on it’s own).

        In the end I care about a good job being done by a PM or President – things like security, prosperity and freedom for my loved ones, over partisanship.

        Anyway, I was born in UK, so US president isn’t as important (to me) as UK PM.

  2. Lovely image! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I didn’t find the orange man’s recent instructions “don’t panic” very reassuring. If anything it had the exact opposite effect. I’m thinking perhaps it was code to the preppers – run away and hide now!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      It’s not just you, for 100% certain.

      But look at it from their point of view, they are trying to keep people calm, and prevent panic.

      As for prepping, I suggest you do some basic, if you haven’t already – non-perishable foods, medicines, face protection, alcohol hand gel. I already blogged about this. Hopefully everything will be OK for most of us, but doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

      I’ve added a like on your about page, and followed. Love your photography.

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