water filter broken

Bang ! Last Night My Water Filter Died

I was working on my computer last night, and heard a bang from the kitchen. I rushed over to find water spewing everywhere. So I switched off the supply to the under-sink water filter system (the obvious source).

water filter broken

And, looks like I now have a long job repairing – as I will have to totally dismantle and drain the whole system. The canister has split at the top, which I didn’t see at first (I thought it was the plastic elbow fitting leaking at first, which I changed, but still leaking)

Luckily I have a spare canister, but it’s not exactly the same as the old one, so I don’t know if it will fit.

(Sorry about the quality of the photo, it’s a 2012 iPad (can’t afford a new one), and was closest thing to hand.)


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18 thoughts on “Bang ! Last Night My Water Filter Died

  1. One of the commentators said something about the mold and the bad it can do to health, the grand Priest says- It is a necessity to have a small boat in the house, you never know. That and paddles of course.

    1. Yup, moulds are a real pain in the backside !

      Sounds like some people in UK could have done with boats in their houses, there’s been heavy storms in UK.

      Didn’t get a chance to reply to your email, yet, have to get early night, need go clinic tomorrow.

  2. On a somewhat related note, when we first move into our house we started receiving calls all day from a waterproofing company who just would not take no for an answer. My wife, who worked night shift, got tired of the calls waking her up as she tried to sleep during the daytime.

    Next time they called and asked if we had a problem with water leaking in the basement she responded, “Yes, we have a terrible problem. When it rains the water comes in and starts filling up the basement, but before it can get more than two feet deep it starts leaking out. Can they come out immediately and stop it? We just can’t get it deep enough to do any serious swimming.”

    They never called back, but for a couple weeks afterwards she got nervous whenever someone came to the house, assured it was going to be the men in white coats coming to take her away.

    1. You should still be blogging my friend, that’s hilarious !

      If it’s a question you can answer, what country are you from ? (I’m adding flags for all the countries I speak to on sidebar)

    2. PS, I got impatient and looked up IP address – either you’re using VPN or you’re from USA ?

      I’m going to “guest blog” that joke for you, it made me laugh, a lot. I’ve indicated that you’re not currently blogging, so hope not too many visitors.

  3. It isn’t funny, when those water keepers of different kind start leaking, Don. I hope, that you are able to repair it for yourself.
    Some years ago, I lived in a house, where the warm water keeper was in the garage with pipes into the kitchen and house. I found out, it was leaking, as I got water into my kitchen cabinets, which destroyed many of my tools in wood, which I needed to throw out. Later I found out, that there were water in the whole wall into the kitchen. The leak was in the pipes inside the wall. Not funny either.

    1. I fixed it. The canister was slightly bigger than the other one, but I put something under the other two canisters.

      And yeah, had a leak under my floor in my flat in UK. That was a saga that went on for months.

      So, water leaking = not good !

      1. Yeah, that stuff is difficult to kill, have yet to find a product to kill it effectively. I used mould resistant sealant in a shower – guess what – mould grew on it !

      2. I believe so, Don.
        I use ammonia to deep clean in such cases and vinegar for light mold. If you first have mold in the floor, it is impossible to get rid of it. A new floor is necessary after cleaning all out down the floor first.

      3. Thanks Irene, that’s helpful. I’ve tried bleach, but isn’t permanent. Ammonia is definitely something I’ll try – I learnt about it only recently.

      4. If you will try Ammonia, then use gloves, very important or you will regret not to, a promise.
        Use warm water with some Ammonia inside, not too much. It smells very strong, so fresh air is great in same time to avoid headache.

      5. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be careful. I think there’s a product in UK used for oven cleaning “Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner” which smells like ammonia. That stuff has some serious cleaning power.

      6. You can safe money and use old brown soup, which you place on the dirt in your oven, then a deep plate with ammonia in the bottom, when you end the soap. Let it stand for a night or so closed. Next day it is easy to clean the oven and more cheap. It is serious 🙂

      7. Thanks Irene 🙂

        I tried to get ammonia in Thailand, and seems it’s restricted for some reason (bomb making ?)

        It’s readily available in USA, I didn’t check UK yet.

        I found out about it for cleaning camera lenses which can get fungal infection – it’s a recommended cleaning product for vintage lenses.

      8. I believe so with the lenses.
        You could try to ask an older person in Thailand about the ammonia. Maybe they sell it less concentrated in another name. The old know this.
        When I came to Spain, I couldn’t find it either here. After several years I found out how to buy it less concentrated than pure, but still very effective. I use it for windows too, as it take away all fat and dirt from traffic.

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