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Trump Addresses The Nation On Senate Impeachment Acquittal

I was recently accused of “wrong think” for admitting to sometimes watching Fox (even after explaining that I do find Fox partisan biased, and that I watch many other not-Fox sources as well). How some people know what I think by taking one word out of context, I have no clue, they must be far smarter than I am, because I can’t do it.

There are too many voices making fake news on one side (whom less and less people are listening to) and virtually none on the other. So I watch Fox because they are the only mainstream US channel I can find, who’re broadcasting the other side of the story (I’m a centrist, I want to know both sides of the story, so I can make up my own mind). As to accurateness of Fox reporting, I don’t know – I’m not in the US, I don’t have access to high level political/elite circles there, and I’m not a journalist. So I take Fox with a pinch of salt, same as I do with any news media.

Having said all that, this video was live streamed, so it’s actually what Trump said – None of that chopping up the video/audio to misrepresent, to lie, to smear, to cheat, to propagandise and to pander the narrative to a minority doctrine.

Nope, live, really what the orange man said, whether you think he’s bad or not.

It’s a long one (over an hour), but Trump makes a good speech :

I AM JUST PASSING THIS ON (as fakestream media continues to lie, omit, cover up and spin an extreme minority narrative) – When opinions are stated anywhere on this blog they are just opinions, not facts or truths. I am not a journalist or an activist and TBH most of the time not a “serious” writer either, more I enjoy creative writing (blogging is supposed to be fun?). I’m a centrist, I read and view content from both sides of the aisle (as long as it’s not blatant propaganda, or utter trash) – so I’m sharing this for your information, something you may not be aware of and may be interested in (or not, in which case, just go to the next post). As with any news, article, post, writing or report, don’t just take it at face value, do your own research, use your own critical thinking. Kind of obvious really, but best stated, so that it’s clear.


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33 thoughts on “Trump Addresses The Nation On Senate Impeachment Acquittal

  1. I am here in the US and, like you, am a centrist. While both sides are needed for a government to function properly, this is a time when neither side is doing what they were elected to do – govern the country. From my perspective I see it as having started with the Reagan election, when the Democrats decided to start claiming “foul” every time they lost an election, and it has continued to this day. The Republicans joined in when Obama was elected. The last 3+ years have been spent with the Democrats doing nothing in Congress for two reasons: one, Trump would get the credit; two, they have been spending all their energies trying to find something to impeach him on because they didn’t like that they lost the election.

    Since hate is rarely countered with love, I expect to see the same thing happen when the next Democrat is elected – the Republicans will sit out the term and refuse to do anything. I don’t count the Obama years in this because Obama and the Democrats spent so much time figuring out how to do what they wanted without involving Congress (Presidential Edicts).

    What I find the most hilarious is the Democrats insistence on changing the election to be one done by the popular vote instead of the current Electoral College. Why funny? Because, as in this week’s Iowa Caucus, they don’t run their elections on popular vote, had they done so then the results (such as the are) from Iowa would be totally different than they are.

    1. Informative. Thank you. I’m still learning about US politics, and good to get a balanced view (rather than arguments with an ideologues)

      In the UK, our lot have been asking for lowering the voting age, and same “proportional representation” – so exactly the same thing. Of course they think they’d win if that came to pass, might be that the voting base aren’t stupid and more people would go and vote, so end up with the same result.

      I hear about one shit-show or sham to the next, and yes Iowa was mentioned by my channels.

      It’s a REAL SHAME because we do need good people on the left, and left minded people are often the glue of society. What happened to the days when people worked together, and could hold different political views, but didn’t care that much ?

      Thanks for stopping by, and good to hear from you again. I do take long hiatus’ from time to time, you life that goes on in between blogging !

  2. Politics……. gets the best of peoples emotions. They don’t use the rational part of their brain, and that is exactly what all politicians left and right play to, to peoples emotions. And people fall for it each and every time.

    1. I’m just really trying to soak it all up, after a long period away from it. They finally caught me with Brexit – they (the UK) had been fighting over it for 4 years, and I had had enough of living in ignorance. Now I’m a little less ignorant.

      You guys in the USA do it best though, it’s like a never ending real life soap opera of wealthy people playing adult version of school yard stuff.

      1. I´m from Spain although I lived in the U.S as a youngster. Now back in Spain since I was 18.
        But yes, American politics for me are quite fascinating and yes like you said a real life soap opera they are, and the candidates are the stars of the show. And who doesn’t like a good character in a soap opera since so many millions of people watch those characters, so they have the characters have to sell it. At least I find it quite interesting.

      2. Sorry Charly, I assumed wrong, I know you’re ex-military, just assumed USA. My bad.

        I’ve been in Spain quite a few times – Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife, Ibiza, Gran Canaria … picked up a minute fraction of Spanish, enough to a say few things like 2 beers please and nice to meet you, thank you, you’re welcome, yes, no … just the basics really, probably would remember a lot more if I was actually in spanish speaking country.

        I find the politics in US also interesting. I can’t fathom other than partisanship what’s wrong with the orange man. As far as I’ve heard from diverse sources the dems are 100x worse.

        Anyway, I’ll keep following along and reporting on what’s not being reported by fakestream.

        How is Spainish politics, and how do Spaniards feel about Brexit and what’s happening at home and the rest of Europe ?

      3. No worries about that, you can´t expect for most people to know where you are from. I actually live in Madrid, been to Ibiza once in my younger days, that was a party. You certainly picked up what in Spain is essential when going to the bars, we are bar people, so dos cervezas has to be a mandate for any foreigner to know before entering the country.

        Spanish politics…I might commit suicide after I say a couple of words about it. We have over 20 political parties here, so since no single party has a majority they have to join forces with other parties. After 5 years they finally did, so actually we spent 5 years with no formal government. Now this is the scary part… The socialist party has joined forces with the communist party and made the leader of the communist party the vicepresident. If that wasn’t enough, since the socialist party still needs more parliamentarians to retain power they joined forces with another party called ERC which they come from the region of Spain called Catalonia, and this party want Catalonia to not be part of Spain they are the separatist. Their leaders are in jail, literally in jail. Another one, the top dog you might say fled to Brussels since if he comes to Spain he will be detained and this is the Spanish Supreme Court that gave this sentences. But this Socialist guy doesn’t give a shit about the rule of law, today he actually said that ” Laws have to be changed”, he wants to change the constitution and they surely and slowly doing it. I call it “the Troy horse technique” So for the Socialist leader and President of Spain laws don’t matter that is why he needs the support of the Catalonian party ERC who don’t feel Spaniards for him to stay in power. And then to top it off, he also has made a deal with a party called BILDU which is the political arm of the terrorist group from the Vasc Country (another region of Spain) called ETA who killed for the aim of that region of Spain to become independent.

        Conclusion- Spain is being governed by Socialist-Communist-Indpendist from Catalonia- and Terrorist. So go figure this one out. We are off the cliff already.

        About Brexit, it hurts us a lot. 44% of our agricultural products go to the U.K. Specially tomatoes, I think it was 44% of the tomatoes is soled to the U.K. Anyways the point is that we export a lot of our great agricultural products to the U.K so that’s a lot of revenue coming in, now with Brexit we are screwed. Specially with the plural government we have now to manage the little money the country has. On the other hand I do believe that for the U.K Brexit in the long term is going to be good for the U.K, specially if Trump wins, Trump already laid the foundations for economic trade with the U.K,so if Trump wins it will affect the U.K in a positive manner.

        Back to Spain for a sec, and last comment. All this political parties that are governing Spain as a coalition, the ones from Catalonia who want the independence of Spain and they are influencing the policies of the country they want to be independent from, plus the terrorist who also want the independence from Spain, plus the communist and we the tax payers are paying them, they are wealthy and in the parlament there are actual convicted terrorist as parlamentarians. So they kill us and we go now and pay their salary to what? To destroy the country and kill us… We are in a big big mess.
        I might as well go live to the Arctic or some random place, might even get back to the army go to Afghanistan and instead of fighting them this time just join them and live in the mountains like a monk. It´s pure desperation, and worst, the Spanish people I believe all this thqngs are not even in their radar. They have no clue what the gravity of the situation is. Until they don’t get their head hit in the wall they won’t realize which doesn’t mean that they will react. If they would wanted to react they would have voted a centrist to the right party. They didn’t so now we disserve the shit that is coming on top of us.

      4. Wow, just wow, that was a lot to take in. It does sound a really bad situation, I feel for you.

        I haven’t heard much about this one the fakestream, would you be willing to do a guest post to get the message out ? Or just re-write what you wrote here into a post, might be easier. Up to you, yes or no is fine, I know there’d be some considerations for you.

        Good to hear from you, keep in touch.



      5. Sure, I have no problem. I´m honored to be asked to be a guest in your blog. I´ll write down my email

        I´ll have to re write re arrange the writing and take more time to put the ideas in a much coherent and simple but direct manner to not confuse a lot and try to only spell one word wrong…. So I´ll have to put a bit more work on it, It´s a lot to take in the whole situation and how the system works I know.
        So you got my email, write me when you can, tell me exactly what you want. Then I don’t know if you can cut and paste what I wrote or do I have to go to your blog and write there… I have no clue never been a guest in another blog. So you tell me how that works.
        Have a great weekend Charisma, hope to hear from you soon.

      6. Ok, thanks Charly. I redacted your email, as there is bots hunting the web for email addresses to spam people with.

        I sent you email to yahoo and gmail accounts.

        I liked what you wrote considered just posting it verbatim to be honest. I would suggest break up into paragraphs to make it easier to read, and expand a little on some of the topics – I can do minor edits, unless you tell me not to. I wouldn’t change context or meaning. And as political situation is difficult there, consider whether you want to post in your blogs name or anonymous. Communists are totalitarians, they intensely dislike dissident speech, people were executed for it in Russia, and who knows maybe in modern day China too.

        If you want me to remove any comments from my blog I can do this also. Let me know.

        Guest blog, just like any other post, needs a title, and some writing, and some of that special Charly sauce.

      7. Great, yes I too was thinking of making it a little, precise and easy to understand for people. Obviously refine it with spacing, paragraphs and the rest. It won’t be the first serious “article” that I have written. Although it´s been a long time. But obviously in the comment I didn’t stop to think much, I just went on, so what I will send you to your email It will take my time to research more,do it with facts, easy to understand for the general public that is not on a day to day basis listening to politics (As I told you before I was raised in a family who were consultants of politicians so the inner workings I just couldn’t but not to avoid them, it´s the only topic in my parents house so for me it´s easy and I know the inner things that most people don’t, not saying it bragging it just happen that I was born in to that although as you can see I chose another route).

        Don´t remove any comments.
        Here is the thing, I´ll do it later today. I have to take my time to really make it good not just a comment in the moment, so I´ll send you the email with the article, and then do you put a link to me or the name of the blog? Or can you copy and paste for you to post it in your blog, not mine since at the end of the day I do pompously write crazy things, and other times not but the blog it is called crazy life so is better that it appears in your blog.
        I´ll check now the email. I don’t know if you are in England, if you are I think there is 1 hour more than Spain, right now is 4:15 p.m here.
        I´ll probably send it a bit late at night.

      8. 10-4

        Whatever method is easiest for you, I’ll do my best to work around what works for you. But probably suggest you email it to me, and I’l cite you and your about page as the source at the bottom.

        And, of course whenever you’re ready. I’m actually in SE Asia right now, so it’s night time.

      9. Sorry, 36,081 followers damn that’s a lot. I appreciate even more that you took the time to reading little me and asking me to be part of your blog.

      10. It comes to nearly 39000 with twitter and facebook. And, no worries, looking back you’ve been a part of my blog since I started, and I enjoyed learning quite a few things from you.

      11. I read quite a lot today of your blog, don’t know why the LIKE button doesn’t work for now on this computer if I go to the blog itself, only works if you appear on the reader. Anyways I saw your bio and your partners and the work you do. Quite impressive to say the least, computer science….. that’s incomprehensible for a person like me, and I did remember you didn’t live in England and that you were in some place in Asia I was going to say Philipinnes at first but it was Thailand, I remember since long time ago when I suggested to go there after seeing all the pictures you took of the sunset in the beach I commented and you did tell me that to go there since the exchange of money from Euros to whatever it is called there the money I would be rich (somewhat). Anyways you’re a fascinating man, with your speciality in computer science quite the enterprise you have built, I saw your clients too quite impressive resume overall. I also liked, that is why I call you a fascinating man, that you might as well be doing something in the computer and the next thing you jump into the water and give a scuba diving lesson to people, then take photographs while at it. A lot of diverse interest you have, quite unique. If I had money, lets say that again… when I have money in the future I will hire you.

      12. Hi Charly,

        Kinds words, thank you. I do my best. I’m a perpetual learner, so always trying out new things. Computer science and associated jobs, end up being pretty boring to be honest – mostly it’s repetitive and office politics to contend with.

        And, no worries, I kinda guessed of your financial status – friendship means more anyway … if you need some help I’ll try … and TBH I’m not that well off myself either, just about managing financially.

        Speak soon



      13. So that’s it, I did find that after clicking the LiKE button in a short period of time while scanning through posts to get the overall idea of what is about because I don’t have time to read all in detail, suddenly I hit the little star, it goes yellow and then back to blue.
        I´ll let you listen to Mr. Peterson.

      14. Listened, thanks for sharing, now listening to the full Joe Rogan again … and shared the videos on the front page.

        WordPress has it’s idiosyncrasies, but on the whole I find it friendlier and healthier than other social media.

      15. I find Youtube a great way to learn, explore other topics, I can see history videos about any subject, famous writers talking about the process of writing, anything I´m interested in I can learn, I even put cooking videos. I actually move the computer to the kitchen and as they are cooking I´m doing what I see, plus the music, so for me is entertainment as well as gaining knowledge.
        Here goes one of Joe Rogan with the comic Theo Von (Very interesting this Joe Rogan, he can interview from famous physicist, politicians, comics (he is a stand up comic also) but I found this one very funny, it happened to me once…. I got locked out like this guy while ..lets leave it at that. But this story is hilarious.

      16. I’m the same Charly. I learn faster from video than reading. I like all the electronics and tech channels, and much besides that randomly pops up in my feed. Was watching chainsaw repairs recently, and I don’t own a chainsaw !

        The video you shared is queued up 🙂

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