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Official Website Link For Coronavirus Information – WHO (World Health Organisation)

The WHO (World Health Organisation), has provided a link for information about the Coronavirus :

It took quite a long time to load, I guess they must be getting millions of views. So be patient if you use the link. Might be worth printing out any documents, if you think their website could go down.

I listed some basic preparations you could make in my first post about Coronavirus here :

Especially make sure you have access to bottled water (a person can last 2 weeks without water)

And canned goods, probably protein type (tuna/tinned meats), but also some carbs and fats (eg baked beans), which can be eaten cold if necessary (a person can live 4 weeks or more without food)

Probably don’t go crazy with it, in case it’s not as bad as it might be, buy foods that you’d eat anyway.

Try stay calm, panic won’t help you or others, could actually make things a lot worse. Probably the authorities will get this sorted out, and probably it won’t be a problem for you.

Although I’m becoming more and more concerned as each day passes and reports seem to worsening. Reason I say this, is that YOU (WE) need to take this seriously, wherever you live.

I’m just passing the information on – I don’t know what sources you guys have where you are.

Stay safe, and hopefully we all will.

PLEASE REBLOG and SHARE ANY OF THESE POSTS, if you think it will help others (mainstream media is renowned for being useless with this kind of thing)


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