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#THICK Trends On Twitter UK – Mocking Brexiteers And Intentionally Deepening Division

For my overseas readers – “thick” in the UK is used pejoratively to mean stupid, low IQ or poorly educated. Recipients of being called “thick” would also see it as condescending, and vain on the part of the person using the term. Bit like the “R” word in the US (which I won’t put here as I got told off last time I used it)

#Thick trending on Twitter – because people didn’t like 2016 referendum result, didn’t like that they weren’t able to overturn it in 4 years of trying, didn’t like that they lost the general election and didn’t like that on Friday the UK left the EU. Oh, and didn’t like it that people sang our national anthem “God Save The Queen” to mark leaving.

Get over it, Brexit has happened, and will be implemented. Those of us (including myself in 2016) who wanted to stay lost.

I really can’t believe this is still going on after 4 years. What happened to people being tolerant of others, and respecting a majority people’s democratic choice ?

What happened to “diversity is our strength” (ie tolerance), when that doesn’t include people with (judged) lower IQ, of a different class, demographic or don’t agree with you ? That’s hardly “diversity”, or any kind of socialist utopia I want to be a part of.

So, I’m trying to figure out if “diversity is our strength” actually means – “it’s OK to be a bigot” ?

Dunno, I find it kinda paradoxical, and whatever the opposite of congruent is.

Anyway …

Whether one likes her or not, I think “the iron lady” sums it up best :

I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.

Margaret Thatcher


(I posted that one a while back here)

So you kinda have to laugh at these people in the end. It’s so futile and desperate. Pitiful really – Not a real political argument in sight, just insults and abuse.

This from The Express in UK :

Mean-spirited Remainers continue to deepen division in Britain with hashtag THICK


REMAINERS have branded Leave voters “thick” for choosing to leave the European Union, deliberately spreading hate and deepening the divisions which they continually blame Brexit for.


Thousands mocked Brexit-backing Britons for their “embarrassing celebrations” last night and the hashtag ‘thick’ began trending on Twitter. The insulting hashtag first emerged after videos circulated of Brexiteers outlining why they voted to Leave the European Union. One woman was heavily mocked for mistakenly saying “our courts will have the right to say what goes on – instead of Germany”, when the European Court of Justice is based in Luxembourg. But the trending hashtag soon spiralled into a barrage of ugly insults aimed at Leave Voters, which will do nothing to aid the national divide Remainers accuse Brexit of triggering.


Last night the BBC aired several interviews with Britons celebrating Brexit Day and one clip, of two women attending the bash at Parliament Square, started to be widely shared on social media.


The video, of east Londoners Stacey and Tracey, showed the pair explaining why they were so happy Britain was leaving the EU on Friday night.


The clip was then shared on Twitter under #thick, as people mocked the two women for their “brainless response” as one woman mistakenly said the European Court was based in Germany.


One person wrote: “Ok so Brussels is in Germany now. There should be a law against #thick people voting and ruining a whole country!


“Can’t wait for all these people to realise how f****d they will be next year while the rich Brexiteers laugh at them. YOU WILL NOT BENEFIT FROM BREXIT.”


Ironically the arrogant Twitter user was also wrong, as the European Court is based in Luxembourg.


Other videos of Leave voters soon emerged under the hashtag, as people continued to mock their pro-Brexit comments.


One person said: “So many clips circulating of Brexiteers outlining why they left and why they’re happy. #thick is the perfect word to describe them.


“At least it finally puts to bed the North-South argument. Clearly Northerners are the epitome of brainless.”


Another person said: “Not as dismayed as I am to see the embarrassing celebrations from people who cannot even explain the benefits of Brexit. #thick”


A third wrote: “Looking at some of the videos of the belters in London interviewed on TV last night celebrating Brexit, it’s no surprise that #thick is trending.


“I’m not sure that there should be an automatic right to vote.”


But #thick soon turned into a wider attack against Brexiteers, as people began to use the hashtag to mock those celebrating Britain’s withdrawal from the EU last night.


One person wrote: “People partying last night like it’s 1776 and you just freed yourselves from an Imperialistic nation bent on controlling every aspect of your lives through taxation and unjust laws. #thick”


Another person said: “These kinda people shouldn’t be anywhere near a pen , especially when it comes to voting #thick.”


One person wrote: “As previously stated I’m not generally into the name calling thing but if you voted LEAVE for immigration reasons when we already had control over most of our immigration then you are #thick.”


But many were furious at the comments and urged people to stop using such offensive language.


One person urged Remainers to “embrace democracy”, and wrote: “The fact #thick is trending is only a reminder as to why Brexit succeeded in 2016.


“Normal people are sick of being put down by pretentious, metropolitan left-liberals who see their opinion as the only smart or valid viewpoint, and treat those who disagree as idiots.”


Helen Barnard, of The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said: “Some deeply unpleasant ridiculing of a few leaver voters vox-popped at celebrations at the moment, especially the lady who seems to be being used as a symbol of sneering.


“Whatever your view of Brexit it is not ok to pillory members of the public like this. Please stop.”


Piers Morgan even weighed in on the debate and said: “Perhaps if the self-righteously ‘superior intelligence’ populous were less sneering about the ‘thick stupid’ populous who vote a different way to them… they might avoid losing all the time?”


He added: “So #thick is trending, driven by Remoaners who think they’re so much smarter than the 17.4m people who voted for Brexit.


“If you’re all so f******g smart, how did you get beaten by a bunch of thickos?”


Another person agreed and wrote: “The fact #thick is trending, in response to Brexit, is indicative of why Remain lost the referendum in the first place.”




Source –

(I think it’s fair use to include journalist’s articles (for the purposes of discussion etc), as long as source is cited, which I’ve done. Probably helps them with their SEO anyway)

Lastly – I AM JUST PASSING THIS ON – I am not a journalist or activist and TBH most of the time not a “serious” writer either (blogging is supposed to be fun?). I’m a centrist, I read and view content from both sides of the aisle (as long as it’s not blatant propaganda, or utter trash) – so I’m sharing this for your information, something you may not be aware of and may be interested in. As with any news or report, don’t just take it at face value, do your own research, use your own critical thinking. Kind of obvious really, but best stated, so that it’s clear.


Don Charisma

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4 thoughts on “#THICK Trends On Twitter UK – Mocking Brexiteers And Intentionally Deepening Division

  1. Yes, I saw a post on social media this morning, decrying all Leavers as thick. I was sorely tempted to point out that, as the post went on about “the EU and it’s …”, when it should have been “its”, the author really had no business calling *anyone* “thick”.

    I don’t know how we move on from this. I feel as if some Remainers are going to be like 18th century Jacobites, still toasting “the king over the water” 50-odd years later!

    1. Best to not get drawn into twitter spats, not good for one’s inner peace I feel. People are seeking attention on there, and therefore saying provocative things. And, then there’s the thing about freedom of speech, and defending other’s freedom of speech, regardless of whether we agree. Within that you’re welcome to your freedom of speech too, so speak your mind if it’s what you want. Bearing in mind the 2003 communications act, and other things you can’t say.

      And yes, kind of ironic someone who’s illiterate calling someone else thick. “Pot calling the kettle black” I believe is one of the idioms.

      If you mean “we” the leavers, then, f*** ’em really, they’ll just have to lump it. I’ve had to, I was a remainer in 2016, and have had to change. I didn’t realise how ignorant I was until I started studying all of it. Not that I’d say I’m now an expert, just better informed than I was.

      As I said to another reader – there’s probably still time to move to anywhere they wish in Europe, so why they’re still here complaining, I have no clue. Perhaps they secretly enjoy complaining and being discontent, there does seem to be a lot of that about these days. Dunno, I’m not a psychologist.

      Anyway, we’re still part of Europe, just not part of the EU. Well, kinda, because the real leave date is 31-Dec. Personally hoping for a WTO Brexit, sources I follow seem unanimous that that would actually be the best for us. Again, I’m not an expert though.

      1. I’m following a “turn the other cheek” policy! I don’t like feeling silenced, but I can’t be bothered wasting time and energy arguing – there are better things to do.

      2. If you’re in the leave camp, you don’t have anything to worry about – you won. It’s now you who’s in the right, and have the moral high ground, not them. Say what you want to say. Chances are UK will boom over the next few years, if Trump and Johnson don’t fuck it up. If you’ve got delayed plans, now is the time to get moving on them, like “the better things to do” you mentioned.

        If you were a remainer, just move on. That’s dead now.

        Fight fights that are worth fighting, when it’s convenient to you, not when it’s convenient to them.

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