Italy’s Political Shift – Is European Support For Globalism Waning ?

“There is a battle going on, in the west and elsewhere. It is globalism against populism. And you may loathe populism, but I’ll tell you a funny thing, it’s becoming very popular” – Nigel Farage, speaking to the EU parliament 30-Jan-2020

Seems there maybe an ongoing and progressing political shift happening in Italy, similar to what happened in the UK – with Labour losing massively to the Conservatives in Dec-2019 elections. The EU are said to be very worried about this development in Italy, maybe because of a potential “Itexit” and that Italy is the 3rd largest contributor to EU.

I AM JUST PASSING THIS ON – I know virtually nothing of Italian politics, nor am I a journalist or activist and TBH  most of the time not a “serious” writer either (blogging is supposed to be fun?). I’m a centrist, I read and view content from both sides of the aisle (as long as it’s not blatant propaganda, or utter trash) – so it’s for your information, something you may not be aware of. As with any news or report, don’t just take it at face value, do your own research, use your own critical thinking. Kind of obvious really, but best stated, so that it’s clear.


Don Charisma


Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

20 thoughts on “Italy’s Political Shift – Is European Support For Globalism Waning ?

    1. I did say :

      “I know virtually nothing of Italian politics, nor am I a journalist or activist and TBH most of the time not a “serious” writer either”

      Happy to look at publishing a guest post from you, if you’re able to pull off a balanced view of politics in Italy, then I’d for one be interested in reading that one. I like Italy and Italians, been there a few times, would like to know more about their politics, especially if there’s a major shift going on, along the lines of UK.

      Are things like the up and coming party needing police protection, so they aren’t violently attacked true ? (UKIP and Brexit party were attacked in UK, I’ve seen the footage)

      Is there media bias in Italy, is it mainly fakestream reporting ? (BBC is still putting out minority propaganda, just blogged about that)


      I placed a comment on your about page, so you should have my email address from that – or leave a comment here.

  1. I think it raises other questions about the success of large conglomerations countries and there ability to sustain themselves. The more layers there are to a hierarchical structure, the less affinity people average people have to those far away.

    We are seeing that in the recent decision to leave and the frustrations seemingly with the idea of not governing our laws because ‘someone, somewhere said so’.

    Even in the US with fractious tensions in recent years have sparked concepts like ‘Texit’.

  2. The trouble with globalism is that it leaves people behind. It’s all very well for the metropolitan elite working in financial jobs in London or New York, but it seems to have little to offer people in communities here in Northern England, where the economy’s never really been able to recover from deindustrialisation, and ditto the American “Rust Belt”, rural parts of Italy, parts of east Germany where the economy lost out after reunification, etc. Unfortunately, every time anyone tries to point this out, however eloquently, calmly and politely, the elite just say that they’re uneducated and racist. I don’t know what the way forward is, but I feel very sad about all the divisions.

    1. I have to say I couldn’t agree more. The way forward is probably populist/nationalist. Family values. Community spirit. Shared goals and culture. Opportunity of prosperity for ordinary people. Equality of opportunity. Smaller government/encourage small business/entrepreneurs. Safe in our homes and on our streets. Be cared for if we get sick. Not have floods of foreigners competing for and taking our jobs. These things have nothing to do with intelligence (or lack of) or bigotry, that’s identity politics, which I’ll expand for you later in this comment.

      The globalist elite’s plan as far as I can make out is an Oligarch/Slave model of culture and society. This enables them to continue to live like kings whilst the rest of us live wretchedly in poverty. It’s also easier to control a population who have nothing, totalitarianism is easier to implement. The utopia is a sadly a dream, the totalitarian diplopia is the reality. But it’s a convincing utopia so I can see why so many are sold on it. It’s just a shame they seem blind to the likes of Stalin and Pol Pot. Or even modern day China, and what happened recently in Hong Kong.

      The divisions are fueled by rotten, flawed ideologies, like identity politics, which is straight out of Marxism. This seems to be coming to a head right now, as more and more “sane” people are getting turned off by it.

      Jordan Peterson has a good video on YouTube about identity politics (it’s a long one !) :

      and if you’re not one of the 18 million people who watched Cathy Newman’s Channel4 interview with him :

      and here’s his channel :



  3. since our environmental problems are global, and populism is local, I wonder where the fish will head to; those places that think of them, and since God is the owner of it all, I think the Italians will retreat from their right wing march.

    1. Not sure environmental problems are global, that’s a narrative that some seem attached to. Depends on which environmental problems we’re discussing, and whether one believes the curated and payed for science backing it up and the billionaire globalists who stand to profit from it.

      And not sure populism is local either, US and UK have both taken that path, for now, so populism may be going global.

      As for the fish, if they’re smart, then probably places where people don’t fish. But as many humans (and other creatures) eat fish, then they form their part in the circle of nature.

      As for God, that’s moving into the realm of theology, and doctrines differ on the definition of God. In the end it’s somewhat of an intimate personal interpretation of what is God.

      I don’t know the Italian politics as I said in the post. So you could be right. But it could also be that the populists will take power.

      But, as the future isn’t set (nor do we know what it will be) neither of us know which will be the case.

      1. There are two Spirits at work in every human being, the Child like Spirit, that is all good, and the other Spirit, the free will, how we choose to treat others. It’s not how we describe God, it’s how we behave, it’s the story of every life.
        I had the luck of the Irish in real time, and have seen what the prophets of old would love to have experienced, amen

      2. We’ve jumped from Italian politics to Theology and Spirituality … hmmm … I dunno if I have the Charisma to make that leap, but I can try !

        My observations/opinions :

        I think there’s only one spirit contained with a human being – how they treat others is based on conscience, which is the internal judge, which is based on the person’s beliefs, values, goals, physical environment, state of health and experiences, amongst other things that I may have forgotten to add.

        How a person treats others is subjective, and based on the judgement of both him/her-self and the judgement of others.

        God I don’t think is a thing, or an it, or a person, or everything. God I think is individual human consciousnesses itself.

        Free will and destiny are the same thing, it’s a paradox.

        Not sure all Irish are lucky, that might be a generalisation. Maybe Guinness and luck are related ?

        If you’ve seen these things, then chances are you’re familiar with the realm of creativity. Masters of that realm, are able to manifest what they have seen, to enjoy and for others to enjoy, and to benefit other beings.

      3. in times of great turmoil, if you look down through the ages, a light always came into the world, same as it has always done. Treat your life as a gift, which you will have to pass on, same as the good habits you acquire, amen

      4. OK, here’s a working title that’s probably right up your street (and as I understand it, a question almost everybody is asking themselves) –

        “How Should I Be In The World ?”

        (The question relates (I guess) to feelings of not belonging, not knowing how best to “be” or how a person should “be” in order to be a “success” in the world – it’s the kind of thing you may well have advice/insight/wisdom about/into/to share – and honestly I’d like to read what you write)

        I’ll add a comment on your about page, so you have my email address.

        How long do you need ?

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