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Brexit Exit Day Debrief – We’ve Left The EU – Yay!

Boris made a great speech, and props for broadcasting it on social media.

I think the highlight was Nigel Farage’s Brexit party in parliament square. Nigel gave an amazing speech, he’s truly an inspiring figure. Anne Widdecombe also made an amazing speech, she is one amazing lady, who speaks plain and simple sense, they broke the mould with her. I especially liked the singer “Dominic”, and his parody of the last four years.

A peaceful celebration and happy occasion for the UK, in Parliament square. Props to the police for keeping things peaceful. A historic day for UK, and a triumph for democracy.

Thankyou to Nigel Farage, Anne Widdicome, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and all the others who made this happen, against all odds, and four years of insanity.

Well my two cents/pence, anyway.


Don Charisma


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4 thoughts on “Brexit Exit Day Debrief – We’ve Left The EU – Yay!

  1. Not much better here – the media is going nuts (you won’t believe the extremes of their talking points) that Trump will be acquitted at his impeachment trial. The Dems in this country have gone to such extremes to get rid of him.

    1. Hi Noelle, yes I would believe it, Fox have YouTube channels, so I get a lot of US news via them. Plus plenty of other indie/minor channels reporting on it.

      I think it would be fairer to say “the dems have gone to such extremes” period. The same has happened in UK, Canada and much of Europe.

      As for the ridiculous impeachment, what a shitshow. Plus *ALL* of the other shams I heard about ever since the orange man got elected, surely he should be left alone to run the country.

      Anyway, hey ho, the more extreme they become, the less electable they become, same as we saw in UK general election in December.

  2. I got mixed messages when I was in Ireland this summer, about Brexit. Some were wildly for it, others not. Being an American, I am all for independence and the EU governance of Great Britain seemed a lot like ‘taxation without representation.”

    1. It split the country politically down the middle. As Farage said, it’s about globalism vs populism/nationalism.

      Yes the spectre of unelected EU has crept up on us for 47 years. Farage said he’s been campaigning on Brexit for 25 year (which I only found out last night.

      And, I’m just about to post this comment (on front page pf blog) I found in a video – “By the way make Nigel Farage prime minister, the UK would be far better off. It’s funny to see the mountain of salt being cried right now by the remoaners, the globalistic folks who don’t realize they are endorsing oligarchic tyranny.”

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