Boris’ Brexit Exit Speech – BBC And UK Fakestream Media Intentionally Snubbed

Seems UK Conservatives have had enough of bias UK “fakestream” media. BBC and the rest of the UK mainstream media won’t be getting their usual first dibs scoops from the UK Conservative party.

Boris’ Brexit exit speech, which he’ll be recording at number 10 Downing Street, with his own film crew, will be released exclusively on social media like Facebook and YouTube. From what I understood it will be recorded at 10pm UK, in time for release at 11pm UK time (midnight in Europe). I will try track down the video and share it here on the blog.

About time people started to stand up to these fakestream outlets – Thanks to Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson and The Conservatives, for leading the way. Jeff says that the Conservatives want to bypass fakestream media going forward, so they can speak to the people directly, thus bypassing the bias entirely.

The BBC are very salty about it by the sounds of things. Condescendingly – They are not sure whether they will broadcast what is one of the most important speeches in UK in decades, because, reasons, presumably salty ones. Ironic really because if they don’t broadcast it, the people they’ve extorted license fee out of, you know the people who they are supposed to be serving, would miss out.

My guess is BBC will swallow their pride and broadcast it, though.

Here’s Jeff Taylor’s take on it :


Don Charisma


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6 thoughts on “Boris’ Brexit Exit Speech – BBC And UK Fakestream Media Intentionally Snubbed

    1. Hi Noel,

      Yes I know. I spent the last 6 weeks looking for less bias news outlets, because I was bored with reading far-left propoganda. YouTube was my friend and have since found many non-fake media outlets. Unfortunately the left is under-represented in the list – I would truly like to get sensible lefties point of view, but those channels seem as rare as hens teeth, what with 24/7 identity politics and Trump derangement syndrome, etc.

      Apparently Boris is the front man, Dominic Cummings is the “brains” behind the scenes. And yes, they probably taking tips from Trump.

      Not sure how much longer mainstream “news” outlets will exist for CNN I heard had to shed thousands of jobs, and ratings are in the toilet. BBC just announced 450 job cuts in their “news” division.

      1. We call CNN the Communist News Network (why is that the only channel in airports?) or the Clown New Network. I prefer the latter. I do occasionally watch the main networks but Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and You Tube are the way to go.

      2. LOL … We have Bias Broadcasting Corporation

        I suspect that long long ago in a galaxy far far away, CNN actually used to report real news and have real journalists. So may have been very popular channel, so ended up in airports. Either that or they were the cheapest, or airports are getting paid to show CNN.

        Fox I’d go to for US news. Not sure about WSJ, I thought the Oligrachs owned them, or did I get that wrong ?

        YouTube do censor, a creator I follow had his main channel “shadow banned”, so may end up being another provider. Hard to say right now. Guess that’ll depend on how world politics pans out. Or how far woke, SJWs and identity politics will go.

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