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Coronavirus – Update 1

I went out today to fetch some bottled water, have enough now I guess for two people for a couple of weeks. It was heavy to carry home ! Stocked up on bleach and some more tinned foods.

I passed the laundry and hairdresser that I use on the way. Both were closed, without explanation. New year has passed a month ago and Chinese new year was 5 days ago. The next Thai public holiday is 10-Feb “Makha Bucha”. So, I suspect the owners and workers are staying at home, presumably until this Coronavirus issue blows over.

BBC reported 132 deaths, nearly 6000 confirmed cases and nearly 10000 suspected cases in China, and that 16 other countries have confirmed cases – 4 hours ago – YouTube BBC News Channel – (30-Jan-2020 @ 11:00GMT) – video included in this post.

200 Brits are being evacuated from Wuhan, and will be quarantined in UK for 14 days. US is taking similar measures for their citizens.

UK government has held a “Cobra” meeting, which usually happens for things like terrorist attacks. ie only for very serious and grave issues.

Australia are quarantining people, including Australian citizens on Christmas island, which has been controversial.


The death toll of the coronavirus has risen to 170 and with a confirmed case in Tibet, the virus has now spread to every region in mainland China.

Source – BBC News YouTube

I don’t trust the BBC further than I could throw them, but they seem to be the largest mainstream outlet I could find reporting on it. (on a side note – BBC is showing adverts on their videos on YouTube, so hopefully they’ll adopt this model elsewhere and stop ripping UK citizens off for a license fee)

Stay safe, I hope you and your loved ones are.


Don Charisma

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11 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Update 1

  1. Glad to see you are taking precautions, Don. Only 5 or 6 cases in the US now, all people who came here from Wuhan. A flight of embassy people and other US citizens went to Alaska yesterday, where they are being quarantined for a while.

    1. I think it’s worth being prepared, it’s something I try to live by but don’t often succeed at (Scout’s moto – Be prepared)

      Hopefully it will get contained and will be a storm in a tea cup for most of us.

  2. I’m wondering if this coronavirus isn’t a cover up for the oncoming financial crisis. The long term bond price has inverted once again. What a way to deflect the issue.

    1. The same thought had crossed my mind too, a possible pandemic could be a good way to cover something else up. I think the central banks are planning to print their way out of current crisis (REPOs in the US). But sources are saying there’s a massive bubble brewing globally, and that central banks have lost control that they had with interest rates (they are low, even negative in some countries).

      1. Just heard of 600 point drop in Dow – If I was really cynical, it’s might be “the insider’s club” taking profits, with the Virus organised to drop the market.

        As for the black swan, we don’t know when that will happen, but one can be sure “the insider’s club” will know about it before we do, so they can profit from it.

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