Repost – New Years Fireworks From My Balcony – 2014

(Reuploading my old videos to YouTube)

I started shooting just before midnight and the air was already filled with explosions. I must have learned to filter out the crickets because I don’t hear them anymore.

I think the basic technique for doing video is keep the camera as still as possible and if you want to pan, move it slowly and steadily to where you want to pan to. Video editing and dubbing are on my list, but not for today.

My girlfriend does a big yawn at the end, time for bed 🙂

Jan 2, 2014 at 20:01

16 thoughts on “Repost – New Years Fireworks From My Balcony – 2014

  1. Just now watching this. I managed to sleep thru New Year’s here, so it’s nice to enjoy the fireworks on the 4th or 5th. Not sure what day it is, because haven’t put my calendar up yet. Starting therapy next week…..YAY!!!! That’s worth a few fireworks to me. Sometimes the extra pain is a good thing. I may cry a different story after the first session.

    1. LOL I bet I could if I had the money for a decent camera, but sadly I don’t at the moment … maybe santa will bring me one next christmas 🙂 warm regards DC

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