Splendiferous Beach Sunset #9733

Occasionally I’m party to majestic paintings on god’s canvass …


August sunsets in Thailand are Splendiferous!

Enjoy 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Splendiferous Beach Sunset #9733

  1. Beautiful, I know I will see Thailand someday. For now I will learn more about the world, religions, cultures, and try to enjoy the time I have left on this beautiful planet. And where it is all not so beautiful, we all have the power to change that. I just saw a story of a man in Pakistan, war ravaged town/city, was able to put a “classroom” together in one safe room for $150.00 Thinking globally is all fine and green and educated, but just changing some lives now, not always in a big new school kind if way, or a new playground, that can take years to save up/fundraise for. How about service co-ops. For instance I am an R.N. with over 20 years experience, I like results, quick! Yes, I’ll donate and maybe even rake the wood chips or cut up tires under the jungle jym for soft landings. It has been nice to help make a new playground happen at my daughters school. But now, those younger parents will carry the torch and I’ll research and keep looking for what needs my neighbors in South coast need. I need laundry service, u could use car service for errands a couple times a week. I can put in a house visit by a 24 yr seasoned nurse to eval and coordinate MD visits, labs, education to patient or caregivers re: disease, diet, pain med/ or med adherence, dementia sundowning evals /tips. Contact: Abbie 5863@gmail.com

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