One Sided Conversations …

Ever had one of those conversations where the other person isn’t interested, isn’t present or wilfully continues to ignore what you say in favour of their own opinions and agenda ?

Utterly selfish, a bit narcissistic … or do we all do it sometimes ?

Opinions, shared experiences or humorous ways to deal with self-centred and self-absorbed people who couldn’t give a flying duck about us – One sided conversations is the topic de jour …


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16 thoughts on “One Sided Conversations …

  1. I was once explaining something to somebody and because they didn’t understand, they only listened to certain words and thought I was talking about something entirely different.

    1. Yup it’s a strategy I’ve encountered for “lazy” or “partial participation” in a conversation … answering just the last words in a sentence means they’re not really listening …

  2. I find it very rude, if people I care for, just stop listening or walk away, while I try to tell them something, as I find important to tell them. Then I prefer, they just tell me, that they don’t have time or abundance etc. now.
    We can all have days, where we are not ready to listen, but be honest instead of ignoring people.

  3. I can talk a person’s ear off about just about anything, but that can only happen if there is contribution being added to the conversation. I love meaningful conversations, but on the contrast, when I’m the only person talking, it can become boring and dull. There are times when I need someone to just listen to me so I can get somethings off my chest and just vent, but when I desire to have a conversation, I expect meaningful contribution to the topic. The worst of all is when the other person utterly refocuses their attention else where instead of conversing with you and non verbally communicates that they don’t want to talk to you. I would rather be told that they don’t have time to talk verses being ignored!

    1. That sounds normal and ordinary to me 🙂

      Some of the circumstances were we experience one sided conversations are a selfish agenda on the part of the other, sometimes it’s understandable, they’re tired, distracted because of strong emotions like grief for instance, distracted because they’re trying to do something else at the same time or perhaps they personally don’t find the topic all that interesting.

      Often it’d be nice to know, but more and more these days I’m accepting silence or being ignored as not being a problem for me personally. Especially in social media and things like email, we’re bombarded with communications these days !

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. My problem is getting those people who’s opinion I do not value or want to listen to to get the hint and go away without my being rude.
    We are all selfish sometimes. We have to be or we would never get anything on our own agendas accomplished.

    1. LOL, for me – either just walk away, talk over them, talk back to them, disagree with them or whatever – they we’re already being rude in making the conversation one sided … charisma can play a part, if there’s been sufficient past investment in “our relationship” …

      And yes, it’s a known factor, and something to be cultivated in order not to be just an object of someone else’s wishes. You have a very concise and thoughtful way of putting it !

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