What Happened To Aopinionatedman ?

It’s a shame to see a blog set to private, which is what I was greeted with on a visit to Harsh Reality blog today.

I’m behind on my reading, so had to examine the Google cache and other sources – seems that Jason’s set his blog to private, because of cyber bullying aimed at him. Which is very sad. Very sad that a voice gets crushed by negative people, who’ve got nothing better to do than lie and spin, and then spin and lie.

AND … Especially sad since all the time and effort I know he’s put in, and the individual attention he gives out to his readers. Rare to see someone give so much, for such small rewards.

So, just wishing you well Jason – I hope you’ll be back soon my friend.


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55 thoughts on “What Happened To Aopinionatedman ?

  1. I think the cyber bullying is more common than we think. I would argue it’s not just those who hate for no reason and can’t tolerate diverse opinions that don’t match their own. I would argue that it includes spammers who glut our inboxes as well as lurkers who find ways to watch as we write and pay bills (please, if you’re watching, pay mine) and try to steal our ideas or our funds.

    I would also argue that it might be subtle attacks by those forces that can’t tolerate freedom in all its many forms and glories. These attacks are designed to shut down creativity and alternate ideas so that only one world view is possible.

    But then again, I was raised on Star Trek and I, Robot and other such stories. The paranoid fiction we write today becomes the next generation’s technological reality. 😉

    That said, I hope people keep trying to write and share alternative views on Word Press and other blogging tools. Even if we choose not to adopt those views, those views challenge our thought patterns and encourage us to examine what we believe.

    1. Agreed, cyber bulling also takes forms that are subtle, and experienced bullies are good at making it look like they’re the ones being bullied …

      I think we’re allowed to keep our perception of free speech, but I don’t personally think it’s really all that free …

      1. Thanks, yes I spotted the tumblr one on Google … it’s syndicated from his main blog, so it’s only summaries on tumblr, plus once a blog is set to private publicise wont syndicate posts out to tumblr anymore …

  2. Hmm, I didn’t notice, because both of his blogs show up for me. But yeah, he’s doing that “a good blog is hard to find” thing.

      1. Hey, he just posted a LOT of stuff on OM today. Just letting you know, check and see if it showed up for you.

  3. That’s too bad Don. Some people think they have the right to murder you because of your opinions. Unfortunately they have forgotten that just one opinion doesn’t amount to much, and no need to kill with words.

  4. It takes a very strong individual with a very thick skin, to ward off negative people who are well schooled in the art of spewing arsenic….toxic people! A person can only take so much before he buckles, pulls off of the plugs and calls it a day! Words are powerful, and like eggs, once they’re let out; they cannot be taken back….its just not that simple! Better to walk than end up in low estate and despair!

    Thanks for sharing Don, have you a great day today! 😄

      1. well, that explains it. That must be very recent as I was reading posts from him over the last 2 days! I wonder what happened this time??!!

    1. Is it just a name or a real blog? I think I’ve thought up some great names in the past! I’ve used them and deleted the blog. Unlike Blogspot you can’t reuse a name here.

  5. I agree, it is a great shame that Jason has been hounded out of the limelight in such a way. I imagine there are some very jealous and bitter people out there.

      1. Bravo! I thought I made up some too! Like Typoist- but it was already used on a blog. Or
        Yumalicious- the describe food, which was probably well used for all I know?

      1. Just checked, apparently something he did today, and after hitting 56k followers. Eluded to something with the WP leadership again, you have to request permission now. He let me in, so his standards can’t be too high.

      2. I think “they” would prefer trillions of white picket fence blogs all quietly producing mountains of intelligent spam … not everyone sees progressive as progress … nor pioneers as anything other than scary …

      1. Yep. TPTB have put restrictions on his blogging. Apparently the “right?” people have bitched.

        This seems different though. I was on the site this morning and all was okay, when I went back to post about Don I saw the private lock again, so I’m not sure what is going on.

      2. TPTB? Maybe he’s blogging some angry words and needed to hide that from the censors.. Poor guy.. I speak in uncensored words at times but go back and delete the post. My own family would be appalled with my quirkiness!

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