My First Dive Photos

One of my ongoing projects and interests is dive photography. All the planets have aligned themselves recently, which means that I now have the dive housing for my camera, and the lighting rig I need, with video light and strobe/flash … long story, for another time, maybe I’ll post about my experiences putting it together … all I will say is it’s been a long time coming !

These photos are a test in the swimming pool at night, so that I could get my bearings and test my equipment in a controlled environment. Mainly I wanted to “get the hang of” the lighting, so appealing subjects where secondary on my list. The toy racing car was the first thing that came to hand …

The next test will be in open water with fish, corals etc … just putting the finishing touches to my underwater camera and lighting rig … watch this space !



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20 thoughts on “My First Dive Photos

  1. It seems a bit difficult to get the light right. I don’t know anything about photography, weather it’s underwater or over sea level, so I can’t help you, but I wish you the best of luck with your underwater pictures 😉

    1. Lighting is generally key for photography, so yes getting the light right helps, a lot … modern cameras do a lot to compensate for not ideal situations … mainly I just keep on shooting until something works …

      1. yeah, try and error usually helps more than just learning from a book … I experience that time and again when I try to play songs on my double bass which weren’t intended for the instrument

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