STOP – Taking Things So Personally

I’m sure 99% of people do it to some extent or another, it’s in our natures to do it, no big deal that’s life !

BUT, is there another way ? Are there healthier ways to deal with things, circumstances and people who annoy us, rather than sulking, pettiness or fighting ?

I’d hazard a guess the answer to this is yes. The measure of one’s own character is not based on how we deal with things when they are going right, the real measure of any man or woman is how we deal with things when they aren’t going our way … when we fail, lose, get hurt, fall over, get insulted or humiliated, or worse …

So someone insulted you ? … SO WHAT ? Do you want them to think you let them win, that they have power over you by “making you” lose your temper, that they are calling the shots ? Most probably not, you’d just be adding fuel to the fire, and letting them score self-awarded ego points, to their probably already over-inflated ego …

What other ways are there to deal with challenging people, circumstances and problems ? … Grow a sense of humour, is one way …

“If fate doesn’t make you laugh, you just don’t get the joke.”
— Gregory David Roberts

“Humor is the great thing, the saving thing.  The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.”
— Mark Twain


Don Charisma

PS EDIT – Someone just mentioned the “Gallic shrug”, which is another way to not take it personally !

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25 thoughts on “STOP – Taking Things So Personally

  1. I follow Gandhi’s phrase which said when people didn’t be respectful with him then he smile them because they words didn’t hurt him. It’s a good advice. If those people aren’t important to you then why you feel ofended? People should be know how grateful is when you see their poker faces when you smile jujujuju. Growing sometimes is hard.

  2. I enjoyed this post. I often take things personally but am starting to realize that what the naysayers say doesn’t matter to me at all.

  3. At work, I find it amazing how many people take their co-workers opinions as fact when clearly they are not members of management and can not fire them or write their annual appraisals. I tell my team members to ignore them and that by even listening to them; you are giving them a stage.

    On the web, it is even more amusing. Many people post with a twist of their name so you are almost a character. A lot of the people do not know you on a personal level so it is not worth getting upset over. You just have to cut them off. They feed on your attention.

  4. I’ve been wondering, as I read your blog, you mark all of the pictures you use. Do you take these pictures and own all (if any) legal rights to them, or do you just slap your .org on them?

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