Susana Rodrigues invited you to play Dragon City

No I don’t want to play “Dragon City” or “Candy Flip” or any other crappy game on Facebook ! … Does the fact that Susana is playing it want me make to play it more ? … in a word, NO, it doesn’t …

Does anyone know how to turn off these invites aside blocking people on FB ?

And could somebody tell me WHY when I go to the FB app on my iPad it insists I have to download another app called “messenger” before I can read my messages ?

And lastly for sense of humour’s sake – why does Facebook (FB) have the same initials as a booty call or friend with benefits ? Is it a coincidence, or am I just reading far too much into it ?

What a day, eh !


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36 thoughts on “Susana Rodrigues invited you to play Dragon City

  1. Nicely expressed the frustration which all of us feel when we get such game invites over and over on facebook. (y)

  2. If you figure that out, let me know. I post – regularly – on Facebook that I don’t play any online games at all and some people get offended, when I write that. I have even been known to play some of them, to placate others. But I have no attention span for any of the online games. They just don’t interest me. If others get pleasure from doing this, that’s great for them. But it’s not for me.

    1. Hey Greer … one of the other commenters indicated that it’s possible to switch them off, so have a scan of the comments, they’ve indicated how-to 🙂

      I stopped playing video games years ago, I just dont have the time and didn’t find I miss them that much … like you I’d prefer to watch a movie anyway !

      1. Yea she wore wristguards for a lil and shes doin better but i watched this special on how those games are designed to be addictive its literally a science!haha

      2. Figures, and yes why I’ve stayed away from video games for a long time … my playstation used to make weekends evaporate, and there’s other things I want to do with my life 🙂

  3. There is a way to turn off the notifications 🙂 On each one there should be a little arrow in the top left corner of the post if you hover over the post. Click it and tick that you don’t wan to see that particular type of post. There is another way but I’m not in the mood for FB tonight so I can search it out. You could also download Facebook purity on Firefox or Chrome (not sure about IE since I don’t use it) and do it that way. Purity will also give you other options like getting rid of the annoying ticker, whether you want to see the list of your offline friends and a bunch of other stuff. It does work :). I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. Unfortunately it does NOT circumvent that ultra annoying Top Story vs Most Recent I was griping about earlier :(. Late last year FB separated their mobile app from their messenger so if we want to chat with somebody we have to download another app. Way around it: go to your browser and go in that way. You can see your messages and chat without the annoying app. I hadn’t noticed the FB/booty call thing *shrug* guess my mind hasn’t been there in forever? Hope this helped.

    1. Yes very much, thanks … I thought it must be possible to somehow … as for booty call, that was for humour, not serious … but then am I ever serious … not too often, what’s the point ?

      1. *snicker*. I listen to the radio to get a synopsis then look online if there’s something worth looking up :). Too depressing otherwise.

      2. You’re smart … I usually get my news third hand from people I’m chatting too … I’m like “you mean a malasian aircraft disappeared, first time I heard that” … and them like “yeah, happened a week ago” 🙂

      3. OMG! That is hilarious! I’d be like that too if it weren’t for the radio.
        For getting my Geek on I depend on The Mary Sue, lol. Their current enough I’m not left behind and their stories are usually short, a few paragraphs. Not two pages!

  4. Yes, you can block the game messages – Yes, it’s scary to allow instant access if you actually read the full TOS for FB – Yes, you will work extra and hard at it if you wish to keep in touch with those who ONLY use FB and still retain some semblance of freedom – 🙂 I Hear and Understand your Pain! 🙂

      1. Don’t I dream of it everyday – ! LOL – but seriously, no free lunch and reading any TOS for any service, in full, will make you re-think your decision to not be a hermit with no computer/internet services – LOL No kidding – I recently signed up for discount trial for a service that Plainly and Clearly and Boldly advertised their services on the, “Never Worry About Backups for your website again!” soapbox – BUT if you read their TOS, they clearly say, “We do our best to back up things, but if it all goes to heck, too bad, still your responsibility and not ours – no guarantees” LOL – this is why I believe that if everyone read, in full, the TOS, the SaaS and PaaS industry would be out of business – along with quite a few others – so what are we to do? Eschew all services until TOS match advertising, or just agree attorney’s make money by writing airtight, can’t ever lose, TOS’s – 🙂

      2. I’ve had “an experience” with a cloud backup provider, which I should post about actually, maybe I will … and yes T^C and TOS usually sewn water tight by $1000/hour lawyers …

        Best one for me is itunes stores – “All sales are final” … basically no refunds … and had an experience about that too !

  5. LOL. You write with a passion that makes you totally relatable. We certainly feel this way, most, if not all. I don’t have time to play these games anymore. Too busy blogging and promoting my blog, LOL.

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to prevent those annoying game invites without being removed from the friend’s FB friend list. Too many people don’t read or give thought to the EULAs of those FB game apps before they download them: whereby you allow the app to spam anyone on your friends list.

    Lastly, and unfortunately, the last couple of IN-PERSON booty calls I’ve gotten in the wee hours, were just as unwanted (and annoying) as FB game invitations.

    1. Almost though there was gonna be a silver lining there Lech … but alls cool, and thanks for the facebook knowledge, I don’t use it much unless i have to …

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