Beautiful Flower Macro

What can one say about a beautiful flower ?

Other than I really like this shot, and I really like this flower … And really happy I bought my new camera, when I get home and this shows up on my screen …

Probably should say it’s name, but to be honest – I don’t remember ! Probably something staggeringly difficult to remember anyway … why don’t flowers have easy to remember names ?

What would you write ?


Don Charisma

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful Flower Macro

      1. Definitely looks like a variety of Hibiscus to me. Most of the ones in my neck of the woods are pinkish-red or white. I’ve not seen a yellow one, before. Very nice lighting and bokeh!

      2. Thanks Lech, seems to be the consensus, so I’ll have to store that one in the Don Charisma bank for next time 🙂

        The colours I like on the bokeh, did stand out when I was reviewing … was a good time of day, just before 2 in the afternoon, bright sunshine, but not backlit or “too bright” …

      3. This one is especially pretty with the vivid red throat snuggled into the pale yellow petals – looks like the swirling skirt of a dancer.
        And that gorgeous purple water lily from a few days ago – a color like that can break someone’s heart. That is one spectacular photo!

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