Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

There is one thing that’s certain in life, and it’s the same for all of us – one day we will die.

All those things we hold so near and dear, take so personally, are they are “worth it” ? My experience has been largely not, most of the things we take far too seriously aren’t really that important at all.

Golden Sunset - by Don Charisma
Golden Sunset – by Don Charisma

Of course there’s a need to maintain decorum and have respect for ourselves and others … well at least for those of us who do actually care about others – but is it really necessary to wear that long face when you think no one else is looking ?

A smile across the bus to a stranger might make someone’s day, it has mine more than once and I’ve seen plenty of others light up when I’ve smiled randomly at them)… if not then more’s the pity for the receiving cynic – they can’t feel the warmth of a genuine well-wisher, which must be a rather lonely place to be, far far too serious for me.

Why would I expect to be happy all the time ? We all do suffer, every last one of us, that’s life – we’re not omnipotent. But do we need to make such a fuss about it ? Probably not, it’s definitely possible to hurt and be happy at the same time. Not always, no one’s perfect or omnipotent – I said that already !

Annoyed, fed up, frustrated, sad or bored –  I ask myself, am I taking myself too seriously here, is there a funny side to this or a silver lining ?

If that doesn’t work then go grab a beer, a walk or a sunset, and chill out, life is far too short to grow grey hairs over things that ultimately don’t matter – like people who insist on taking themselves far too seriously 🙂

Or publish something entirely out of character on your blog, live a little, live a lot, if not for God’s sake, then do it for yourself and the ones you love. Who knows others might actually like, connect with and be moved by what you created … stranger things have been known …

(For a very dear friend of mine.)


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26 thoughts on “Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

  1. I love giving people smiles when they’re not smiling, and sometimes a simple genuine compliment can turn someone’s day around. I know they make me feel amazing so I’m sure to give them often!

  2. Well said! I think perhaps people confuse excellence with taking things too seriously. So yes, you should do your job or housework as well as you can, but if something happens that is beyond your control, shrug it off, roll your eyes, laugh–you are not going to remember this in a month, let alone in a year or more!

    1. LOL … God bless you my friend … hours of fun for the grandkids, and I bet you can tell a tall tale or two to boot 🙂 … try saying that after a couple of beers !

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