Dropbox Just Gave Me An Extra 1GB Storage For Free :)

Dropbox don’t pay me to write blogs. However I use Dropbox daily and have been very happy with their (free) service for many years now. So praise where it’s due.


It seems that Dropbox have bought Cloudon, and offering customers a free 1GB time limited (15-Mar-2015) upgrade, which I’ve taken advantage of this morning. Searching on Google, it’s unclear if the offer is open to everyone, and to be honest I don’t actually remember having opened a Cloudon account. But free stuff is free stuff !

The other way I got (another) 1GB was to install the “Mailbox” app on my iPad. According to the Dropbox help page this is still current, so YOU too can get this. BTW – I don’t actually even use the “Mailbox” app, I just installed it 🙂

Dropbox do a bunch of other incentives, they get a little free promoting or they have you have install an app – you get extra free space. The most notable of these is installing the “Carousel” app – by installing YOU can earn another extra 3GB of free space with Dropbox. Sadly, I don’t qualify for this one because I already had a bonus for camera upload of 1.5GB 😦

Other ways of getting free space with Dropbox include linking social media accounts such as Twitter and Farcebook. And if you’re “brave enough” you can earn up to 16GB by spamming your friends … Personally, I didn’t use this route, but it’s available if need be …

So, thanks Dropbox, for providing a great service and for the free space. If anyone influential from Dropbox is reading this, then – my business partner and I wouldn’t say no to free lifetime PRO or Business accounts, and we’d be happy to add a “Sponsored by Dropbox” in return to the blog.

If not, then we’ll muddle through with the free accounts, in conjunction with Crashplan.


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11 thoughts on “Dropbox Just Gave Me An Extra 1GB Storage For Free :)

  1. OneDrive gives you loads of space and if you have Windows, it’s integrated so you can choose a folder for syncing!

  2. Dropbox sure keeps personal stuff available. Though I am reluctant to store stuff on cloud these days. Have switched to Binfer. See about no cloud file transfers

  3. Dropbox is great. I haven’t used it much lately but that’s because my Chromebook came with 100 Gigs on Google Drive, lol. There are pros and cons but I’m happy with it 🙂

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