Cutty Sark Stormy Sunset

Cutty Sark – Stormy Sunset

This was taken in Greenwich, London. Greenwich is London’s most popular tourist attraction after Buckingham Palace.

The masts and rigging are the Cutty Sark ship with a stormy sunset behind. But I guess you can see that !

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Taken in Greenwich, London © Don Charisma

16 thoughts on “Cutty Sark – Stormy Sunset

  1. I’ve been to Greenwich a few times. Not only is the Cutty Sark an amazing vessel to visit, especially now that you can walk beneath her hull, but the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory (just a couple blocks up the street) make for a full-day’s experience. As a maritime historian, it’s pretty much the center of the universe for me. Thanks for posting this lovely photo!

    1. It’s the 2nd most visited tourist destination in London after Buck Pal … and yes I love it too, and enjoy the open spaces and history, and the beauty there …

    1. LOL … funny enough they’ve filmed large sections of those movies very close to where this was taken – the royal naval college is used for period movies …

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