Sleeping Homer


I love doing the blog. The readers, that’s you – make blogging awesome.

But I do need time to rest and relax too – so I’m taking a week or three off for my holidays. Sleeping Homer

I’ll still be approving comments, and will post my quotes and photos as normal. I may do additional posts if I have the time – but essentially I’m “hands off” for a while.

THANKYOU ALL for your continued support and thanks for reading my blog 😀

AND thanks for your support of our fellow blogger Jason Cushman yesterday – many good hearted people out there who do care.

Warm regards


39 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Thank you Don and take it easy on your break. Would be great if all your followers donated even $5 each to keep your blog going into the future. I’m going to make a donation so what about it fellow bloggers?

  2. Have Fun Don. One thing i want to mention about Jason that because of you i beheld his blog and found a new seasoned fresh as air blogger.
    And glad that ban is lifted. : )

  3. This is why I like to hang out in this wp place, the friendly atmosphere and the fact that we all seems to really wish the writer a well deserved holiday. This blog is a world peace project 🙂

  4. Have fun 🙂 You DO know about scheduling posts, right? That thing you do to wind down before bed where you can make it so your posts go out on time without you having to be near a computer :D? Enjoy your time off, and truly, hands off until you are actually back for real. Your brain and body will thank you.

      1. Judging by how many posts I sometimes get in a day I have the feeling ALL your days are manic busy. Any way, have fun, enjoy your me time and come back refreshed.

  5. Wow!! wish i could join you out, and have everlasting funs 😛
    just go for it and enjoy the fullest dear Don 🙂
    Happy Holidays 🙂 😀 🙂 😀
    Love and regards,
    “Rosa 🙂

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