Writing For Publicity Versus Writing For A Purpose

No preamble today … an experiment, and one of my new year’s resolutions 😀

“Writing For Publicity Versus Writing For A Purpose” – Discuss …


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46 thoughts on “Writing For Publicity Versus Writing For A Purpose

  1. I agree with winstonscrooge – writing for publicity IS writing for a purpose, albeit a purpose that cannot maintain itself in the longer term. As others have stated, at the end of the day a greater purpose for writing than mere attention-seeking is needed if others are to actively enjoy and follow your efforts than simply hit the like button once or twice.

  2. I find when I write for publicity the words do not flow as freely from my fingertips; I overanalyze the style of my writing. When writing with purpose (such as to release the pressure from a creative brain) everything comes together naturally.

    When I look back at writings I can see where it is forced (publicity) and where it is natural (purpose).

  3. Writing for publicity has it’s own purpose, attention. I do not mean this judgmentally because I know that I sometimes am motivated in this way. It feels good to have positive attention directed towards me. Of course negative attention does not feel as good but if I am lonely, negative attention beats no attention at all.

  4. I sure did need to see that statement articulated in just that way. I knew this important element was there and simply let it simmer, as if that was enough when trying to write well. But when it came time to write, this very sentiment, unarticulated, made the syntax of choices a struggle. It is difficult to chose between practicing patience which eventually reveals a confident message of value and losing patience for some attention and resorting to flash which in the long run fizzles out, empty. I will remember this aphorism, and hope it can guide me well. Thank you.

  5. I thought I wanted to write for publicity, but I see how “shock and “awe” is what seems to sell in most every venue , not just writing. I want to write for a purpose. Maybe my reach will be much smaller, but I’d rather make a positive impact on a few people versus garnering negative attention through shock and awe. I may have taken your topic way off on an tangent, but that’s what writers do right????

  6. Purpose drives the passion for writing, and maybe vice-versa. If you write with true purpose, you’ll generate your own publicity (maybe with a little help from your friends, like you!)

  7. I definitely write for purpose, which is why I don’t worry about SEO optimization. I definitely want to gain readers, but my goal is to hone great writing skills, not just publish sensationalist articles and ebooks.

  8. When we write for a purpose and with passion, then we will gain publicity. When we write for publicity we may gain it for a while, but eventually it will vanish right along with our words. The right intentions bring the greatest results.

  9. You must have substance and soul, Don, is what I think every time I put my fingers over the keys. Even when I’m commenting on other people’s blogs. 🙂 Which when you think about it, is publicity for your own blog, right?

    On my blog there are three “teaser” posts a week that I guess would fall under the umbrella of publicity because they all have links to stories that I write as regular paid freelance pieces for other sites. Nevertheless, I make sure that the stories on markbialczak.com have their own individual personality that will make you quite satisfied if read without clicking that link.

    Interesting topic today, Don. Thank you, as always, for your forum.

    1. You’re welcome Mark … I think some comment for publicity, some are looking to connect … so mixed bag …

      There’s a balance I think between selling ourselves and the actual doing of our writing, which go hand in hand.

      And you’re welcome 😀


  10. Good Morning.
    Publicity versus Purpose – this is the singular question of human motivation, isn’t it.
    Why do we do, what we do? I believe blogging is an electronic sum of our, “publicity vs purpose,” intentions.

    Truth be told, I never gave blogging a thought until watching the movie, Julie & Julia (I’m embarrassed to admit that I was inspired by Hollywood). My dream is simple – like so many others, it’s one of getting published. My initial blogging goal was to house my art and writing in one place and hopefully get feedback… And, to eventually have a place to direct any ‘interested’ parties. A few months in as my time investment exponentially grew, I had to ask myself the p-v-p question: Why am I really spending all this time writing bits and pieces, making art on 9×11 paper and chatting with fellow bloggers who aren’t the ones who can help me realize my dream? Didn’t I want to write publishable stories and paint expansive canvases? I realized I had no other answer than to admit, I’ve grown to enjoy this interactive medium. I’ve met terrific people, who are willing to share the inner-workings of their talents. It’s a give and take and both take time.

    But blogging has somewhat taken me away from my ‘real’ writing and creating sellable artwork. And of course, it’s not my day job. So I recently posed the p-v-p question to myself again. My new solution: I’m working on a new schedule where I’ve decided not to post everyday (many blog books recommended this but I did not listen). I enjoy sharing other blogs, so I’ll reblog 1x per week. And I’ve come to realize many readers don’t remember older posts, so I’d like to retool then repost older material a few times per month. Perhaps I can achieve that golden compromise – enjoy what I do and maybe, just maybe, down that idealistic road I will hold a book with my art on the cover that began as a manuscript in my hands.

    Thank you,
    AnnMarie 🙂

  11. Good writing comes out of a passion, as does the enjoyment of any writing, so I would always say write for a purpose in the first instance. Writing for publicity depends on what you are publicising… if it is your passion then this can generate creativity. Too much of the publicity stuff can present as formulaic and self indulged, and as a result can be less engaging.

  12. Wow! What a wonderful thought about writing.
    Writing comes from inner soul, which beautifies the thoughts and perceptions, may at times with a purpose, revolutionizing the rest of the world and may at times, just be a piece coming out of one’s mind giving him/her the happiness of being writing that. I recently came across /ofartandarchitecture.wordpress.com , “harry”. His writings carry a purpose that moved me and yes, it has been a noble thought i came across since i joined this community, 5 days including today. After i went through his plans and perspectives, i won’t hesitate in expressing that it has helped evolve my thoughts a new. I wish him luck and hope to bring some good and noble changes in lives of people around me like Harry.
    Who writes for a publicity, i can’t tell, cause i guess we all need an audience to evaluate our work, let be an appreciation or be it a criticism, so some betterment could be done and something be taught and something being learnt. Maybe am writing for publicity!! But from my eyes, it feels to write for my happiness, from dairies to now blogging…writing is a gift.
    No matter with what goal one is writing, i wish, the writing should continue. Maybe not for all, but surely for one’s satisfaction and evolution.. And i ask pardon, if have been rude or said something i must haven’t.
    Best wishes to all writers.. 🙂
    Rosalyn 🙂

  13. I’d rather write about things I like and get a few readers with similar interests than churn out click bait articles that attract hits from people who will not stick around. On an unrelated topic please check out my blog for lots of pictures of semi-clothed girls.

  14. from my stats i can only deduce that writing something that takes longer than the average 60 second attention span better be juicy. If otoh it’s purposeful better keep it very short and sweet, like an extended headline or the viewing stats go down per word extra.

  15. Thats very true. Anything written for a purpose must be the main Aim. Writers who do it for publicity fall after a certain Level…But Selective writers like you Own Charisma for Sure !

  16. I do like this Don, a lot! My take…..write for a purpose and publicity you shall find in great measure, pressed down and shaken together! Churn out qualitative, phenomenal writes and you shall attract a host of folks, who just wanna ‘drink in’ all you’ve gotta say and be the better for it too! My word! LOL

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