Busy Days ~ Forgetful Friends

Good friends all know that I’m impossibly forgetful over important dates and keeping in touch. What seems to happen is that I get focused on what I’m doing, and time just evaporates.

I’d say it’s a male thing, but I’m not convinced it is. Those who know me personally would surely attest I’m pretty cool guy – so there’s never any harm intended in my “forgetfulness”.


I make a point in responding to my comments here on the blog PERSONALLY, each and every one. AND I aim to do this as quickly as possible. It’s how I think it should be done, and don’t really care how other people do it. I think the personal touch is partly what has made my blog so popular, so I do my best to keep that personal touch … people like to connect with other people, basically 😀

Over the past weeks I’ve been answering up to 500 comments a day. If I devote just 30 seconds to each comment, well that’s over 4 hours replying to comments a day. If I’m replying to a complex comment, then could take 30 minutes per comment, for 500 comments that would be 10.5 days 24/7. SO look *really* long hours and days for me.

My point – I do my best to give individual attention to everyone, but I have limited resources. Sometimes it just has to be a smiley face to acknowledge that I’ve seen and read someone’s comment – for me that’s just good manners.

In a world of ideals I’d have 5 writers, a full time photographer, a researcher, a full time fund-raiser and a full time technical geek. But money isn’t currently forthcoming to pay all of those people, expenses and equipment. So I do my best with what I have, to produce the best quality content I can, within what I’m capable of and what I have.

Yesterday was as busy as any other. What did make me stop and think was a young woman who’s new to blogging. She’s looking to make new connections, the same as all of us. WORDPRESS IS SOCIAL, AND WILL BECOME MORE SO. And basically I hadn’t had time to visit her blog, in her own words I’m probably – a “forgetful friend”.

Becca is interested in photography and socialising – she took the above photo herself. It’s a photo that actually captures a lot, the condensation on the window, the winter day outside … the condensation in focus and outdoors blurred. Good job – it has depth and is interesting to me. Much much more so than photoshopped-stock-spam because it has character, individuality and authenticity. But most of all she’s shared something real, from her real life 😀

I’d love her to have the same positive experiences that I’ve had here – with the many inspiring and good hearted people around me I’ve met here. You guys are one of the main reasons I’m still here.

I know there’s many lovely people in my readership – so guys and gals, please drop by and say hello. She’s Becca and blogs at – bexy695blog.wordpress.com

So in summary – my resources are very limited, but I do my best. I can’t help everyone 24/7/365, it’s simply impossible. You guys can help yourselves – for instance share your blog posts that you think I might be interested in and congruent with on my – “Share Your Blog Here :D” page OR connect with the other bloggers on that page yourself. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE …

Also you can meet the entry requirements for “Team Charisma World People”, for a guest blog spot. The bar isn’t all that high, I promise you – just would take a little effort to write some comments. Others managed it, five so far and a sixth on the way.

And I do do my best to help bloggers who I feel are deserving such as Becca, as and when I can.

BASICALLY – There’s really little excuse for people who’re helping themselves, not receiving my assistance. Those I won’t help are the “something-for-nothing” brigade. Lazy, egocentric and over-privileged basically. I’m donating massive amounts of time and energy here – the least you can do is put some effort in yourself or put some money into my blog.

I WOULD LIKE to see more donors and sponsors come forward, however I can’t make people help us financially. Whilst we’re not receiving financial support I have to concentrate on other commitments and our business DonCharisma.com for finances. SO I have less time to be doing this blog, and even less time to be helping people.

I have setup a gift page for those wishing to donate or sponsor – “Gift Page”. We’re 100% discrete, and we’re very grateful for assistance that’s given. We’re not currently accepting anonymous donors or sponsors – hence the no donate button on this blog.

PLUS I need time to rest, and do other things apart from helping other people. Sure I do really get a kick from seeing others succeed, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. But has to be with respect for me too …

BASICALLY – I do my best, within what I have, which isn’t all that much.


Don Charisma

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55 thoughts on “Busy Days ~ Forgetful Friends

  1. People, generally, are a fickle lot. We follow blogs for a while and then we go off somewhere else for a while. Coming back is always good. Unfortunately, it has been my experience in reading comments on other blogs or left on videos, those starting out feel they have a right to have everyone fall at their feet just because they start a blog or a YouTube channel. I’ve struggled for many years with low numbers on all of my online activity. Those that stick around consistently are who I am writing and making videos for.

    You, Mr. Don Charisma, have gone one step further in being the unique man you are by featuring one of her photos on your very own blog to help her. No, and please no, don’t think that I am wishing for the same from you. I just want to let you know that I think you are an extraordinary person to do what you have done.


  2. This is to Becca, I think Don and some readers have said it all. Let me use myself as an example, before I came up with my own blog which i know still need more improvement, I had to spent two whole years on WordPress trying to create a single blog. At a point, I gave up but I decided to give it one last try and lo and behold, I made it. Fact is, if u should ask me how I gave about it, I would not be able to tell u cos to me, it was magical. Then, when I started posting my write-ups, I was looking forward to get more comment but to my amusement, not even a single Like on my posts not to talk of comments.

    Bitterly, I lodged a complaint to a co-writer, he asked me a simple question……”do u visit and follow other blogs”? I said yes, sometimes. Then he said, keeping visiting and read more content poems, it will help u improve on your writing skills, then after, all other things will be added unto u. My advice to u is that, always learn to do something for yourself, that is the only way u can be content. That not withstanding; expect me, I will soon visit your blog. Choose to visit mine too at your own convenience: http://rythaephua25.wordpress.com/

    1. @rythaephua – very good points you raise, and yes your friend gave good advice … blogging is social, so either engage in the social aspects, or the person blogs on their own !


  3. It almost makes me reluctant to comment knowing how much time you spend responding to each comment. I cant even sit down for 1 hour, let alone 3.

    1. @jenet12 – ah, no don’t worry … I get weary from time to time, doesn’t hurt to share sentiments … so please do comment if you’d like, I do my best to answer 😀

    1. @aopinionatedman … now that I know must be true … I honestly don’t know how you keep up, you’re often answering way more comments on your blog … must be some serious Charisma in your breakfast !

  4. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do as much as you want, Don. I understand and enjoy connecting with you by just commenting on your blogs as I have time, or sometimes just simply clicking “Like”. I don’t actually expect a response and feel if you’ve read whatever small comment I’ve made, then we’ve connected. 🙂 Thank for this blog! I’ll reach out to Becca! ~ Viola

    1. @missviolacross – I like to reply personal, it’s enriching to speak to different people … so I do my best, occasionally I get weary, usually means time for a break !

      Thanks for reaching out, I’m sure she’ll appreciate 😀

      Speak soon ?


  5. Hey Don, I know what you mean :). That’s why I have google calendar! Some places I visit online even have it interactive so if I tick a button they will just add the stuff I’m interested in to my calendar then I will see it when I get my daily reminder at 6:00 am! lol I’ll head on over to Becky’s site in a minute but I thought I’d let you know about http://ceenphotography.com/. She has fun challenges with photography plus something for everyone else as well. Lovin’ you, as always :).

    1. @tj6james6 – I’ll have to check out Google calendar then, perhaps it’d help with my forgetfullness … and thanks very kind 😀 … thanks for the heads up on the photography site, I’ll pay a visit 😀

      1. You’re quite welcome. The calendar…It’ll take time to get all the dates in there at first, since you’ll just be starting it, but once repetitive dates are in there they’re there :D. The best part: since so many phones are Android based now you can easily access it with a quick link on your phone and I think IFTTT has a way where if one particular thing happens then it will add it to your calendar for you :D. https://ifttt.com/wtf is the basics of IFTTT

  6. I just know you have helped me so many times thru so many blogs I have lost count. I’m back for the umpteenth time, this time is probably the last, since I got my death sentence from my doctor, so there will be no more comebacks for me, but docs can only say it’s coming, they can’t say when. I’m betting on another 15 years, maybe 20. Not in my hands, never was. Whatever the outcome, knowing you has been a pleasure and a privelege.

  7. I don’t think I could be a power blogger if it meant replying to 500 comments a day on top of blogging. How many hours do you devote to blogging and commenting on the average day?

    1. LOL … I work varying hours, sometimes there’s projects that have to be finished by a deadline, so I work till finished … other times I might be busy on other commitments, so not spend any time on the blog … perhaps I should do a time and motion study !

  8. Don, you do spend a lot of time on your family, so as they say here dinna fash yourself! You do not have to answer my comments – I am just happy to throw my two cents worth in and I’ve met a lot of great bloggers through your posts. Carry on!

    1. I like to that’s the point … just sometimes gets so it’s taking up a lot of time … and I’m not omnipotent, well not yet anyway !

      Thanks for keeping on top of all the comments for Team Charisma, that’s been a very big help to me 😀

  9. ..Now I don’t want to comment and give you more work than needed…but I HAVE to state this… I saw Beccas comment and your gentle reply…. I popped over and then had to dash… thank you for reminding me to pop back over.
    Gees – how you do what you already do I do not know… but it wonderful ❤

  10. I must admit you are quite gutsy and inspirational with your words making us ponder over the yonder! I will defo follow your words and will comment when I am hit by it! As jy hierdie woorde in Afrikaans kan vertaal sal ek nog meer beïndruk wees! There’s your homework sir! Let’s see if u will give me the translation from AFRIKAANS ._.

      1. Talking about AFRIKAANS check out my first article on my blog dealing with the misconcetion that ‘white’ South Africans or ‘Boers’ (farmers) as they are known from the war with the English; are the rightful speakers of AFRIKAANS as an official language of SA, despite the fact that I and about 5million other so called ‘coloured’ Saffas grew up with the langauge and went to Afrikaans schools and lived in an Afrikaans communinty (which in apartheid days meant ALL our neighbours were of mixed race background) but let’s leave that history for another day! Have a read and comment if ou have time of course!I’m here to educate the globe on my history!

  11. Must agree you are quite gutsy and have a no nonsense approach I like that! You also inspire and inquire! I will defo follow your words… en net om te sê as jy hierdie taak kan vertaal dan sal ek nog meer beïndruk wees! There’s your homework sir….get this AFRIKAANS translated!

  12. In the past I have been bogged down a lot with goofy things that have stopped me from completing things that probably really take a few moments to see through to completion. I am working on cutting out meaningless distractions which to most are probably important. For example, I rarely watch television. It has returned a lot of time back to me that I would have spent watching commercials, etc.

    As for your site…you obviously sink a lot of effort into projects and it shows.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Steve, and yes good idea to cut out the pointless stuff from our lives … I gave up TV for a long time, now just watch for movies, pretty much, and there’s no commercials here …

      I do my best Steve, all I can do …

      Have a good week too, great to hear from you as always 😀

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