Stormy Skies Over The Ocean

Usually when the sun is setting my camera is pointing a full 90 degrees clockwise away from here … but the stormy sky here was actually more interesting than the sunset which was completely overcast.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

39 thoughts on “Stormy Skies Over The Ocean

  1. It looks like half a painting for the clouds part and half a photo for the sea part. I like the white light behind the clouds.
    It could be a good symbol for imagining a shining future when the present is kind of sober.

    1. There’s something very “womb of mother nature” about forests … but yes we don’t spend our entire life there, and nice to be able to see the expansiveness of the sky …

  2. I often find the subdued, pastel tones of the eastern sky, directly opposite the setting sun, to be more interesting that its more garish western counterpart. It may be less stunning, less spectacular, but there is something calming and understated about the pinks and greys. I quite like the western sky at sunrise, too, as today’s image on my blog shows.

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