Eight Headed Dragon – Big Buddha Hill

There are Two Eight headed dragons 200 feet long that guard the staircase up to the big Buddha.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

17 thoughts on “Eight Headed Dragon – Big Buddha Hill

    1. Totally, it’s a huge effort to produce these things … but not unlike what we do in the West, that hideous cathedral in Barcelona has taken decades to build and they’re still fleecing tourists to pay for it’s ongoing construction …

  1. I have to wonder about the character of the fella who needs to be protected by that many dragons even after he’s dead…. hmmmm

    1. My understanding of Buddhism is that purest Buddhists are not “pro” idolatry … The Buddha is after all supposed to be a symbol for all of us, of the good that we might be, an example of humility … idolatry happens, in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and I’m sure there’s many more, it’s just human nature to perceive something as more powerful than ourselves 😀

      1. heee hee there are too many things more powerful than ourselves but most of them are tiny, even microscopic. Just as someone who has come afoul of the flu virus this season.

      2. Managed to avoid so far, had a terrible chest last winter but I reckon that was from bugs in the air conditioning on the plane … I survived though, so I’m more powerful 😀

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