“The Truth” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Or perhaps this could have been titled – “What Is An Opinion? Part 2″ by George and Don Charisma.

Sometimes I feel what’s said in the comments is worthy of being on the front page. George challenged me to write this – so thanks George for your charismatically put challenge, and for having a good sense of humour !

Opinions as I said already aren’t facts or the truth. However some people act like their opinions are. I do it too sometimes, if I’m honest, probably we all do about things we feel strongly about or things we believe to “be true”.


Within that the humility to realise we don’t know everything, in fact often we actually know very little, perhaps can free us to be bettered humoured, when faced with largely irrelevant fanatical people and their opinions. Or indeed critics which any writer or creative person will likely face if they are putting their work out in public. A thicker skin through understanding what opinions really are, and growing a sense of humour might lead for a happier and more successful career, in any walk of life. So it’s not just for writers.

Who knows, maybe I’m right, maybe I am not – it’s the same for me either way, in the end it’s all largely become creative writing, poets don’t solely own creativity or imagination. Just as professional photographers aren’t the only ones who can take beautiful photographs …

“The Truth” According To George And Don

The following comment was left by George on my recent “What Is An Opinion? Don Charisma’s Opinion” post :


Interesting thought, however a sceptical person might say that your entire post is simply an opinion since there are no facts to back up your statements. The truth, whatever that might be on any given day, is usually somewhere in the middle of most opinions. We provide opinions for any number of reasons and we listen to them for a different set of reasons, both of which vary depending on the person and topic. There are very few, if any, blanket statements that will decide or satisfy a thought or position. You bring up an interesting topic for discussion, which is really what this is all about.

My reply :


With a “but” or a “however” often comes a challenge … and yes, wiser than most sceptic could indeed say my entire post is simply an opinion, in fact an uber-sceptic may conclude my entire blog is a collection of opinions without facts that they recognise as facts to back it up … could even be that they are right, also possible that every single word here is a fact and the truth … beyond that the sceptic may conclude that WordPress.com in it’s entirely is merely a collection of people’s unsubstantiated opinions, in fact that all written and spoken words that ever existed and ever will exist are such, with NO facts they recognise to back up any of it … sceptics are however renowned for not trusting, it goes with the territory of what a sceptic is, a serial doubter, a serial disbeliever … could be a clever strategy on their part, or might be the dumbest way of being, not for me to say … having faith can be the trait of a strong person, and not having faith can be the trait of a weak person … and perhaps, vice versa …

Am I about to substantiate with sources and facts, to attempt to scientifically prove my words ? Not likely, and not in any hurry, and certainly not at the challenge of an unknown random person on the internet … what would I possibly have to gain ? and what do I really care about a single random person’s opinion anyway ?

When someone says “the truth is”, for me it’s time for caution, it usually means that they don’t know what they’re talking about … adding a “whatever that may be” is a wise move … and could restore some credibility … however I don’t agree that the truth is “usually somewhere in the middle” … it could be somewhere in the middle, granted, but also could be somewhere to the left, right, top, bottom or any far extreme. I don’t believe “the truth” is a median or an average or a middle way or a compromise of people’s opinions … That might be “the truth” for the group, but it’s not “the truth, period”.

“Facts” and “truth” are open to interpretation and misinterpretation, they have to survive the ambiguity of language and the skill of the person perceiving them, and the person reporting them. They may get lost in translation, or amongst the madness that can occur between a human being’s ears or in the madness of the collective unconscious. My conclusion, “my opinion” is that “the truth” and “the facts” are often, largely subjective.

Far from these things being constrictive, I find them very freeing – it means I can choose which opinions I’m interested in and which not, and not to get hung up on those that don’t interest me, and people who express opinions which don’t interest me … freeing my time to do things that I enjoy more than digesting opinions, like eating cheesecake 😀

And thanks, yes good to talk – even if we are probably both ignorant to some if not most of the facts and some if not all of the truth … it’s good to jam sometimes as two clueless human beings, shoot the shit so to speak …

I feel a blog post coming on 😀

George assures me he got the funny side and laughed at my reply. Putting humour with a sprinkle of “truth” out in the wild without the facial gestures and voice tone, is a little risky. But nothing ventured nothing gained they say …

Anyone for cheesecake ?

Over to you …


Don Charisma

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33 thoughts on ““The Truth” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Enjoyed reading the wisdom in your last post. The more we know it seems the more we realize we know so little. All of us have bits of truth, never all of it. That’s why we can learn something from each other. Thanks for what you are teaching others.

  2. This brings up the question, “What is real?” Well, as human beings, “reality” to us will be different than what “reality” is to a dog, or a cat, or an octopus, even a spider. Did you know that most spiders don’t have brains? They act purely on instinct. Of course, that is what a friend read to me from the internet, but I don’t have enough interest to check the credibility of that sight, so I don’t firmly believe it, but I don’t doubt it either. It just makes makes me ask that question about reality.

    1. I’ve learnt not to believe anything I see, read or hear, not until I’ve filtered it through my reality … and probably you’re right about the dog, cat, spider and octopus … it’s also possible you’re not …

      Bottom line is reality is subjective, that is an individual experience, the same as truth …

  3. I just wish that all levels of media here in the states actually cared about what the truth of every article they report on is instead of how they can embellish the event for the purpose of more circulation (profits).

  4. Often, when I learn something new, I realize again how much I don’t know. And, every time I have a shift in perspective, I realize how funny it is to be so absolutely certain about any data. Each new shift in perspective makes me see my inner fool, again and again. And then, I have to disregard my own opinion. On the other hand, I’m still onside regarding cheesecake, but only with the best quality ingredients. For, cheesecake regrets, I’ve had a few…

  5. Well, I read this whole post and I have to say that I’ve found I’ve NEVER been wrong. Not one time. Ever. There was that one time when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was wrong. So as you can see it canceled itself out and all is right in the universe. Check and Mate and you’re welcome for my comment. 🙂

    1. Thanks, it’s a self-“your-welcoming” comment, never had one of those before, absolute bloody genius ! … for your next trick will you be doing a self-“it’s-my-pleasure” comment too ?

      1. You should patent that one, would save us bloggers a lot of effort replying to comment … “the self replying comment” by reybrooks TM (C) PP … could be the “new” milk carton that some guy made billions of dollars from ?

  6. Thank you so much, Don. I never thought responding to a post I found interesting would lead to this but as a one time new blogger, I know you know how much this is appreciated. I hope some day to pass along this same kindness to someone else.

    Best Regards George

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Entirely my pleasure George 😀 … and yes lot’s of friendly people been awesome towards me here on WordPress, had/have several mentors along the way, good people are out there … so passing forward so to speak …

      “Anything’s possible with Charisma”

      Keep in touch


      1. *Pissing myself laughing* … ahem, only one pair of trousers in our house, and those belong yours truly … and she does sleep well at night, because she knows her place 😀

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