One Love – Bob Marley

“One Love”


Bob Marley

Genre: Reggae

Style: Rocksteady, Ska

34 thoughts on “One Love – Bob Marley

  1. I KNEW you had to be a Bob fan 😀 😀 This pleases me far too much.
    Though oddly…I cannot imagine someone NOT being a bob fan????
    LIFE music! Digging the banner. Looks good.

    1. LOL, well I’m just getting started on sharing my musical self … as an ex-DJ my tastes are quite varied … Bob’s good now and then … but I can range from the cheesiest pop music to hard house to soul, and any degrees in between … what matters most is there’s something catchy about it, even if I couldn’t define what the catchyness is …

      Sadly I won’t be able to go back to innocence on story-telling since discovering the secret … with music I may continue to live in blissful ignorance of what’s the magic ingredient that makes me like a tune …

      1. Oh you should not chat too much to BoB then – I think he knows the ingredient right 😉
        I know what you mean though – the right song for the right mood and – I too – cannot choose a genre – though I have my stronger affections for certain lines – probably related to memories and the correlation of events the tune was listened to in. BOB = Sunshine and water and …. yeah um well. 😉
        I am enjoying letting the kids choose the music these days. It makes for fun and mixed and interesting listening.

  2. I was low and decided to check my reader and this, so great soothing music. I surprises how we tend to forget this kind of song! Thanks Don for bringing this back to my ear, my heart, my being!

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