Ready For Takeoff

I have no idea what this bird is, but caught it about to take off when I was doing some gardening.

I’m hoping someone from the birding community can tell me what it is.



Take London, UK © dannyboybroderick

38 thoughts on “Ready For Takeoff

  1. As an urban dweller, I’m always happy and fascinated to see birds and wild life in the area. I understand that starlings can be a pain in rural areas.

  2. Ugh, we had starlings at the farm I worked at and I HATED them…noisy obnoxious….I wasn’t very nice back. Can’t stand those birds. It is a really good picture though.

  3. Yes, they are starlings, I posted an adult and a young one on my blog just recently. I love them. If you look up ‘murmuration’ on the internet you can see what they do when they are nesting at sunset, it really is quite breathtaking. I go to watch them in Autumn.

      1. Me too, I have lots of bird feeders out and I still have to grab my book for half of them. Starlings I do know though because we have lots of them where I live and they can be very tame.

      2. I hear from Red Dust that big groups of them can be annoying though, so be careful if the group gets too big, maybe they’ll start a riot in your garden 🙂

      3. Yes, we only get a few in the garden but they nest under North Pier at sunset and it is quite a spectacle to watch.

  4. The bird is a Starling and not indigenous to America. It’s aggressive regarding territory and food. It likes to raid other birds nests. Huge flocks raid farmers crops as well. They are pretty but really annoying in large flocks.

      1. If you are in Europe or Asia the starling has natural controls so they won’t breed out of control (just guessing) nothing is natural anymore). Here in America they breed like pigeons and rats if they have an unlimited food supply. I had to cage my chicken’s feed to keep the jays, starlings, and crows from eating it all. Also had to net my raspberries and strawberries. The freaking wild turkeys here at all my grapes last year. And the deer did a number on my potatoes. I didn’t know deer would eat potato plants, they are from the nightshade family! We have a guard dog now and she loves chasing birds and deer. That brings to mind the crows are kinda cool because they chase away the red tailed hawks that like to eat my chickens. Lost just one chicken this year lol

      2. The freaking wild turkeys here at all my grapes last year.

        LOL. Are you sure they’re not making some wine with them? It sounds like you live out in the bush there. So much wildlife to see. I guess the fox might keep some of the birds down here, I have a couple that roam around my garden, not to mention the cats around here.

        Have a good weekend

  5. They say the voice of our SOURCE can be heard within the SILENCE while sitting in NATURE. The moment I saw the picture above I immediately was reminded by the bird to take moments of rest out of my busy life. Simply land in nature and reconnect with my source regularly…..and then take off! :0)

  6. Hi Dan. Great shot! That is a common starling. The whitish spots, yellow beak are characteristic of the species, and the iridescence is characteristic of the family (ie. Starlings).

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