Logical Thinker

“Someone who thinks logically, provides a nice contrast to the real world.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb

It came out of a fortune cookie … so may not be an ancient Chinese proverb … don’t believe everything you read 😀



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36 thoughts on “Logical Thinker

  1. If logic is not common sense, then most people are illogical.
    Logic is not common sense.
    So, most people are illogical.

    Thanks for following my blog. I do get a kick out of yours!

  2. I am not agree. More people who has change the world even children don’t think logically but they do a lot of good things for our world and people who think logically do disasters in our planet… Well I think the question is, what it is to think logically? 😀

  3. I have 3 boys who are on the autism spectrum, and they are extremely logical, literal thinkers. But let me tell you life certainly is not dull with them around. They keep me level ( I am not so logical), and laughing all the time. I think life would be extremely boring if everyone were the same, and we should embrace each and every difference. I totally agree with that saying! 😀

  4. I saw a fun picture on facebook. The person opened a fortune cookie and the message was: did you enjoy the dog meat? Actually its not too funny but hey…Great photo choice for master Yoda btw 😀 he is awesome! My fav along with darth vader

  5. I haven’t yet read the other comments , but I like this. What it means to me is that the spiritual world is greater than everything, and everything is incorporated in the spiritual reality. So when “logic” tries to departmentalise reality and break the greater reality down, it provides a nice contrast, so that we can identify what “reality” really is. A bit like winter defining summer. Chinese wisdom indeed!

  6. Things going on i the real world are often without any kind of logic even logically thinking makes life more easy to handle. Emotions are not logic and many artists of all kind do follow their intuition instead 🙂

  7. LOL, that is too funny. Logical thinkers are in big trouble when it comes to trying to function in the world. My advice is to just accept the fact that much of the world is simply insane. The clowns are running the asylum. Embrace the crazy 🙂

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