Little Robin Posing

This little chap is a regular in my garden, I often watch him watching me when I’m doing the dishes. It’s always lovely to see him. He’s like my guardian angel, looking over me.

Managed to catch him standing proud on this stand. Enjoy…


Taken London, UK © dannyboybroderick

30 thoughts on “Little Robin Posing

  1. Nice capture. I read the title and then saw the photo and then said to myself, “What kind of ‘robin’ looks like THAT?” Now, I know: the “European Robin.” What we call “robins” in the States look much different and have no red on their heads; only on their front. It’s the second most prolific bird in North America.

  2. I saw the robin before I read where the picture was taken and I said myself wow! they have European robins over there! So, do you have any robins where you live?

      1. Oh sorry, Don reblogged you, now I see! I though it was his picture and was anxious to find out what kind of robin they have where he lives:) Sorry Dannyboy!

  3. How cute!! Just wondering about what’s going on over there in Thailand and if it’s affecting you leaving the house? Maybe you’ve mentioned it but I haven’t gotten there yet in my stream. Hope you’re doing well Don.

  4. I love he just hangs out matter-of-factly. I have a couple of cardinals who hang around my home and it’s always nice to see the flash of red up in the trees…

  5. So cool how they seem to come back to see you! We have a red cardinal boy that my kids and I believe keeps visiting every year. We call him Pookie! 🙂

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