Ocean Closeup Sunset

Another Don Charisma experiment that paid off … my iPhone was about an inch from the water, I wanted to capture how “still” the water was this evening.

Wind causes waves, and there was very little of it, hence the very calm water.

Enjoy 😀



Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

28 thoughts on “Ocean Closeup Sunset

  1. So Don Hun, are you often in the habit of watering down your messages on your iPhone, if so remind me not to phone you, waterlogged ears are the pits!

    Great Shot , Wow I may have to take up permanent residence here, I don’t want to miss any of Don Charisma experiments, you are so clever YES that is True, would I lie!

    Blessings – Annie.

  2. What bravery you have to get your iPhone that close to water. I bought mine outright, and I treat it like a baby. What an amazing shot you got out of your risk though! No risk, no reward right?

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