Evening Tree Canopy-Orama 2

My girlfriend pointed out a bee’s nest, for it’s honey content. Unfortunately with my iPhone it was too small to photograph, but when I looked up what a beautiful canopy of leaves from the tree. So this is multiple shots looking up skyward, merged in Photoshop.

Enjoy 😀


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

28 thoughts on “Evening Tree Canopy-Orama 2

    1. Thanks … one thing I’d like to photography is a whole canopy and stitch together, but need to do a little research as it’s not a simple project … not sure what you mean about before cropping, sometimes I include when there’s a considerable loss of detail, the entire warped images as you’ve seen before, but in this case I didn’t lose much in the crop …

      1. Two different angles hun, the tree trunk is in different places, so no they are entirely different shots …

        The challenge is in how to get the whole 360 degrees into the shot, the finished thing would be circular with a hole in the middle … I’d need a tree that I could walk all the way around … and I’d need good lighting, not too much sun, not too little … so technically it’s a challenge, but would really love to see the result, I reckon it’d be very beautiful 😀

      2. Idea at the moment … implementation will come at the right time … but you’re smart so you get that already … and often talking about things, makes them happen, tomorrow I’ll look up and there will be my shots !

  1. Lovely shots. And better not to disturb the bees. They don’t like being interrupted in their nests, and let you know with a stinging sensation.

    1. Thanks Angie … and yes I’ve been lucky not to get stung by bees, but enough by wasps … the nest is too high too reach anyway, so I’m safe enough 😀

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