Kittens – “Britney Spears-Orama”

One of my readers jokingly told me off for my “stock photos of kittens” reference. So …

Here’s the stock kittens that I like – you’d be amazed how many unphotogenic kittens I had to look through !

It’s a “Britney Spears-Orama”, because Britney is on the right and Christina is on the left.

Mee-ow 😈

Enjoy 🙂

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68 thoughts on “Kittens – “Britney Spears-Orama”

      1. That’s what we think… *wink* Just kidding! Yep, I’ll get to that eventually. I just need to have some pics either developed or scanned. And yep, some of those aren’t digital, that’s why..Old school! 😉 And, oh, time. I need time to actually do this he he

    1. I’ve gone off of her quite a lot over time … the head shaving etc was the beginning of the end for me … although I don’t follow any of that any more, got more interesting fish to fry 🙂

  1. 😀 niiiice. . . . and Italian kittens say “m i a o” 🙂 which sounds ME – AAH – OOH 😛 .. ok, after this, you can call the brainsqueezer 😀

  2. So cute. I used to be a kitten/cat lover who has now turned into a puppy/dog lover all because of one special dog. So overall I am both a cat and dog lover. Meow meow and woof woof to you. Have a nice day, Don.

    1. So swinging both ways … I probably like them about the same really, each has their pros and cons … cats I think slight preference due to their more independent nature, frees me a up a little … but I have neither, so I don’t worry much about it 🙂

  3. I’m so glad to see that Britney and Christina can indeed get along. They are so much cuter when they aren’t fighting. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen really ugly cat photos, but now I’m curious. And to think you found these adorables at a site called The name certainly paints an interesting picture, too! 🙂

    1. The photos on MF are pretty good, I like the selection, but one does have to wade through some that ain’t so good … My rationale was “kittens” plural, and MF has many singular kitten … also I think the top draw kitten shots probably got sold or kept or whatever, so there’s lots of face being pulled, I was starting to think cats couldn’t be photogenic … eventually I came accross these guys and about three other photos I liked, this one was the best of the bunch … the photographer had put a series, and there is another shot with 3 kittens all different markings in the same wooden box, however they don’t have such cute expressions …

      As for christina and britney, I don’t follow celebs or news, so largely cat fights etc I’m blissfully unaware of … lucky me !

      Hope all is well with you, haven’t heard in a while, which is fine I’m happy for people to come and go as they please 🙂

      Warm regards


    1. I must have looked at 500 kittens that were pulling faces, I’ve no idea how the photographer managed to get these guys to stay still and pull cute faces … offer of fish maybe ?

      1. LOL, well more the stock library I use is free, so I have to look through some undesirable shots in order to get to the good stuff … bit like lot’s of things in life really LOL

      2. Those free stock libraries leave much to be desired. But it’s free! So I won’t complain. Sometimes I come across a usable image right away and I’m like, ‘Bonus!!!’. Other times it may take me an hour to find images I want to use.

      3. I like Photo Pin and Pixabay.

        Photo Pin searches through Flickr creative commons, so that makes it super handy.

        Pixabay is limited, but it can be good to find cartoonish style images. I use it mostly when I am designing my own images with Canva or PicMonkey.

      4. Hey hun, was using your comment as a bookmark, I’ve now properly bookmarked the post you sent me on G+ … so thanks once again very useful, sometimes morguefile isn’t that useful !

      5. There’s some great photos on there, but “niche” stuff often I draw a blank … webtreats is good for backgrounds … all-free-downloads I use for vectors but it’s all non-commerical use, so have to be careful not to use in commercial projects … the list you sent me is great, and already checked the two links you sent me photopin (& the other) – very good !

      6. Excellent!

        It can be really hard trying to find decent photos that are free for all.

        Before I started blogging, I had no idea about the legality behind sharing/using photos. I thought if it was on Google, it was good to go. You’d think as a legal assistant, I would have known better…lol

      7. Agreed, and yes I was the same. My impression of you is that you’re organised and professional person, so taking account of the law, and doing one’s best to operate within it are professional.

        It’s a shame that we can’t technically just share what we like, but there are those who derive their income from their work, so we need to respect them. It could be one of my photographs for instance that’s “pirated” … and pot calling the kettle black for me to complaint about it, if I’m not acting properly myself.

        I tend to use morguefile a lot these days or take my own photos. I can can do a lot of graphic design myself too.

        Also of note is that an image that been used as part of another construction, like a poster or flyer, they may not be able to enforce copyright as it’s not the main subject … but not sure if it’s worth the risk !

      8. Don, have you thought about submitting your photos to a website like

        Canva is a website that allows a user to create graphics. It’s super easy to use, and free. Unless you choose to pay for the fancy extras (they charge $1.00 per fancy add ons).

        I watched a Hangout On Air last week that interviewed the owner of Canva. She mentioned that photographers can submit their photos, for people to use, and for every use, a % goes back to the photographer.

        The nice thing about this, is that when a user buys an image to use, the image can only be used once per graphic (users are able to edit the graphic via Canva for 24 hours). If they want to use that same photo, but design it differently, they have to pay again.

        Might be a way to profit from those gorgeous photos you take.

      9. Hey Thanks Carrie-Anne, that’s very thoughtful and thanks for passing information on … Danny and I have already started work on … it’s definitely not a finsihed site yet ! … basically we’re planning to link our photos that we publish from the blog, back to the commercial site. This way we get to set prices ourselves, and keep 100% of our sales … as yet we have no idea what kind of revenue it will generate, if any … however it is another string to our bow in terms of showcasing our web development talents, so there’s purpose in it even if we don’t sell anything … good to have a business idea with more than one purpose, if one fails then you have a backup 😀

        Sorry for taking a while to reply, I’ve had to queue anything comment wise that requires me to do anything apart from reply, and catching up now at the weekend …



      10. We’re working on it, it’s quite a lot to set up, then we have to load the photos, but we’ll keep at it and it’ll be finished as soon as we can !

  4. I have to admit I’m more of a dog person but these guys are unbelievably cute 🙂

      1. OK i’m going to break the rules here and say I love cats and dogs in equal amounts!! There it’s out there 🙂

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