Caught In Mid Flight

This is my first spot of bird photography. I have no idea what the bird is – I’m sure a birdwatcher would be able to identify this particular species for me.

I have a small variety of birds flitting around my garden, but it’s pretty hard to catch them mid flight like this. I guess it was just beginners luck.


The weekend is just beginning, and we are getting some entries for the Bank Holiday Weekend Sunset Challenge already. We will attempt to publish all entries, so make sure you get yours in before the end-of-Sunday deadline.

Taken London, UK © dannyboybroderick

71 thoughts on “Caught In Mid Flight

  1. Perfect timing Danny! To think that some photographers set up a motor drive and churn out a boat load of images just to pull out one or two great shots and you nailed it in one sitting!

  2. Great shot don. I’m not familiar with birds from your area, but I would say that it looks like some sort of sparrow. Where was this shot taken?

  3. Hey Don, Love this picture, not sure what kind of bird this is either but it’s perfect in flight shot. Can you tell me how you post both the shot and the magnified shot.I have a few pics that I would love to post but are better when brought in as you did. Thanks

    1. I was hoping some bird spotters might know, but they haven’t come forward yet.

      The first image you see is the Featured Image. When you edit a post you can set this down the right hand side. You also need to set the post type (also on the RHS) to IMAGE.

      The second image is just added as usual with the Add Media button, but the size is set to Large – I think it defaults to medium.

      This should give you the same sort of effect.

      Good luck

      1. That’s OK, though! I sometimes shoot with that setting for this very reason… you can get amazing stuff which you did. Absolutely worth the other hundred…

      2. 50 shots of your feet, in various thought-provoking poses…it could work? with props?

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