Slipway Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Angelina Jolie-Orama”

This is one of last year late in the evening sunsets, I really lovely yellows and blues and the dark tones … the light on the water is a squid fishing boat … taken off of a slipway … PTGui Pro 12 portrait shots

It’s a “Angelina Jolie-Orama”, because _________ … up to you !

Enjoy 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

34 thoughts on “Slipway Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Angelina Jolie-Orama”

  1. Beautiful Don, Creation leaves me in awe, I have been asked to create a Power Point for an elderly friend on Sunsets and Sunrises, you have motivated me to seek to do this by sharing these awesome pictures the other two waiting are Clydesdale horses and Penguins but it’s OK, no need to Post them their next.

    I’m just having a look around your Blog Don you seem to enjoy the natural more than man’s version or do you like a mixture?

    Blessings Don – Anne

    1. Thanks very kind Anne 🙂

      I’ve found that I’m often posting sunsets and sunrises because I like them and my readers like them. I do from time to time post man made structures and things, if I see something that’s cool …

      Warm regards


  2. This one has such a dream-like quality to it. The merging of the docks (I think that’s what they are) and the water, the half-sky of clouds, and the neon green light make it just a little surreal. The connection to Ms. Jolie? I think she’s dreamy, too.

  3. wow…this one is breathtaking 😀 Hmm not a big fan of Jolie so I don’t know what to put for that.

    1. Thanks … and I’m not either, the botox lips look fake and never really connected with her as an actor or person, there’s nothing I like about her, nothing to connect to …

      1. Haha true:-) even though they consider her lips sexy or whatever

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