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Please Share Yourself Here :)

This is on sticky for a while.

Please share your work or yourself here (in a comment).

Also find new blogs, friends and connections here 🙂

Use it for :

  • Sharing a link of a post you’ve just done that you’re proud of
  • Sharing your blog
  • Introduce yourself – “Hey I’m Don, I’m a friendly guy, ….”
  • Make new connections and network with other bloggers and readers of Don Charisma
  • Make new friends ?
  • Don Charisma – Thank you for following my blog 🙂

Do not use it for :

  • Advertising commercial products and services
  • Spam
  • Anything that’s political – activism of any kind will not allowed
  • Religious preaching – Don Charisma is already saved 🙂
  • Rude, argumentative, offensive, troll’ish or other moronic activities.
  • Anything else that’s not in the spirit of Don Charisma (and the community)

I WILL PROBABLY NOT REPLY to comments on this post.

I may visit links if I have time, but please do not expect me to. It’s a place for you to share, but I don’t have time to visit every link, sorry about that in advance. (Your link is more likely to get approved if it has a “” in it.)

My sticky posts do get a lot of traffic, so this is privilege that will be quickly withdrawn if it’s abused. Therefore try and keep what you share here high quality, as it will be seen by a lot of people.

All comments are manually approved on Don Charisma.

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS Trolls and morons will be shown directly to my spam queue, do not pass go, do not collect £200 – you have been warned !

901 thoughts on “Please Share Yourself Here :)

  1. Hi Don.

    Thanks for following over at my place. My pleasure to return the favour – you have an interesting site, and I hope to explore it.

    I am a free verse poet who has just started Indie publishing in the last 18 months. In that time, I’ve put out three collections of memoir oriented/true life writing – growing up in the 1960s and 70s, a lifetimes spent in and around public psychiatry, and the voices of victims and survivors of our bushfires in 2009 (fore-runners of this terrible summer just gone here in Australia)

    I’ve also published a collaboration of free verse and prose with another Aussie writer.

    Most exciting, though, I have just finished a project that comprises a trilogy of collections, with myself playing the role of writer, cover image taker, cover designer, internal layout, ebook and paperback andall the listings.

    I’m quite exhausted, but also delighted to have the first book released and the others already lavailable for pre-order.

    Rambling on a bit, but it’s very exciting.

    More here if anyone is interested.

  2. Thank-you for this opportunity Don! I’m Monica and I write some self-help, life lessons, post my art, a few road trips here and there, recipes, dating, beauty and food related things. Pretty much anything that I think might help people live a better life or is worth sharing. I’m addicted to the blog world and hope to make it back to this page often to visit other people’s blogs. I have a full-time job and hope to someday write full-time. The following post seems to be popular so that’s why I’m sharing it. I appreciate this!

  3. This is AWESOME!… I’m going to leave a piece of myself here and then visit everyone elses blogs and leave pieces there as well. This will take care of that lose weight resolution I made when I turned 30. That was 22 years ago so thank you for this opportunity.

    I post unsolicited opinions and the like on my blog. The latest offering is about conspiracy theories: It has links to videos so if you’re stuck in what I’m sure will become the famous blizzard of 2016 and you still have power it might eat a few hours of your time.

      1. LOL, pretty much the same for me … and you’re welcome, they’ve been the most ethical of those type of sites I’ve seen so far … smugmug wanted $300 upfront to sell our photos, with no gaurantee of any return … FAA have a free account for up to 25 “pieces of art”, then unlimited for $30 per year … no brainer really 🙂

    1. Hi Van, welcome, and nice to meet you too … Mushroom pizza often a crowd pleaser, although mine tend to be “margarita”, I have a mild mushroom allergy I think …

      OM and I been friends for pretty much since I first started blogging … he works hard in what he’s doing, and if you can get a minute of his attention, a very charismatic guy 🙂

      Speak soon …


    Calvary Abundant Life Tabernacle
    2413 Bethel Rd.
    Logansport LA 71049
    Publishers/Editors Marcella Meeks & Marjorie Bull


    Our church is putting together a unique southern home-style cookbook. This cookbook (8 1/2 x 11) will contain hundreds of recipes from your kitchen to kitchens from various towns in Eastern Texas and NW Louisiana. There will be a special section for old-fashioned home-made jams, jellies, pickles and much more (canning recipes, etc…); a section containing herbal remedies and the practical uses of essential oils for your health. Different sections contains recipes for desserts, beverages, canning, main dishes and entrees…etc.


    We invite all of you to send in your favorite recipes or your grandmother’s favorite recipes, herbal remedies and much more. Please type your recipes with your name and address, phone number and who authored the recipe. Along with the recipe include a brief bio along with where the recipe originated… A photo of the prepared dish is also appreciated, but not necessary….

    PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS! Email ideas to

    These cookbooks sell for $9.95 plus $6 shipping and handling, if mailed… they’ll be ready the week before Mother’s Day! Would you like to purchase a copy? or two, three, four, etc? If so, please send check for $9.95 plus additional $6 S/H = $15.95 to Calvary Abundant Life Tabernacle, HUNGRY SPIRIT COOKBOOK, 2413 Bethel Rd., Logansport LA 71049 or pay via paypal – if you need help email me and I will gladly send you an invoice via paypal.

  5. Hi Don, thanks for the follow! You were my first follower therefore I shall take some time in reading what you have and will share this fantastic looking blog and its posts when I have a chance

  6. Hi, I am Janice. I have an advice blog. Sometimes I become a political blogger, entertainment blogger, and even a pet blogger. Please check it out. As a new blogger, I’m trying hard to meet other bloggers. Please check me out! Thank you!

  7. Hi Don! My name is Johnna and I just came across your blog and never thought about the idea of introducing myself on someone else’s page.
    I have been doing a lot of writing on mine recently, and also branching out to read others.
    My most recent one is this:

    If you have any blogs you would recommend or posts of yours let me know! Also if anyone else sees this, let me know about you as well!


  8. Hi Don, thanks for the follow! You were my first follower therefore I shall take some time in reading what you have and will share this fantastic looking blog and its posts when I have a chance 🙂

  9. Can’t believe you’ve followed me (or found me)! 🙂 I’m trying to fathom WordPress for the first time and can’t work out why my posts don’t appear on the same page like other people’s. Only so much time to spend on a hobby …

    1. LOL … you’re welcome and thanks for sharing yourself here …

      Could be that you need to add tags and categories, if you’re talking about your posts appearing in “the reader” …

      1. @oldsomerset … you’re very welcome … wordpress have many helpful support pages, for instance in google – “adding images” will tell you how to add images to a blog post … and so on …

  10. Thank you for the follow! I just started my blog and you’re my first official follower. Made my day, thanks, cheers!

  11. Hi Don, I am Tienny who loves to write true stories and also stories for children and teens. Besides that, I also love to do arts, crafts, designing, illustration, animation, and photography. These are my passions and hope to earn active and passive income in both to earn a decent living.

      1. Don, thx for following and btw, can you post another one? I’ve been trying to do this but I don’t have many followers. I want to follow more people too. 😛

  12. Groovy, thanks for the follow. I am writing and blogging at the same time; I have no clue as to what will happen to the characters in my story. Context, schmontext. If it’s someone else’s statement, they are referred to as “my old lady” by Devil’s Advocate. Mmmm…guacamole.

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