The Gourd Shop – Silverlake Vineyard

It’s a shop that sells handmade Gourds – taken at the Silverlake vineyard …

My understanding is a gourd is a vegetable like a cucumber/courgette/pumpkin that has a hard outer shell, and can be used as a vessel in which to store liquids …

Enjoy 🙂


Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

49 thoughts on “The Gourd Shop – Silverlake Vineyard

      1. Yes. Although I don’t know what I would ever do with one. I just need a really large house that I can fill with eclectic treasures and have a housekeeper come in each week to dust them lol

      2. You and me both hun … still when you’re making millions as a life coach you can buy me a big house and a housekeeper, I know you don’t forget your friends 🙂

  1. Oh wow, I LOVE gourds! What an impressive little shop! Truly awesome! They make great little birdhouses! lol

  2. Wonderful vessels, originally used for drinking water from the well or the stream over here. They are still grown in my area and beautifully decorated, sold in tourist shops.

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