Subtle Rocky Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Sylvester Stallone-Orama”

This one’s eighteen landscape shots glued together in MS ICE …

Today’s celeb name is “Sylvester Stallone-Orama”, because he’s Rocky !

Enjoy 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

23 thoughts on “Subtle Rocky Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Sylvester Stallone-Orama”

    1. Not really awkward for me, I have the resources in house to produce android apps, Danny and I both are ex-IT … If you’re offering to produce one for free, that would be a different equation. Cheers Don

      1. well, everything i have made, i open sourced it and made my apps free…but then after some time I realized that I need resources to continue, so my idea was to ask 1$ at max for an app, I chose this scheme cos i could earn too and the price is kinda down to the core, rest all is on you dude, and lastly, how did you find my blog and followed it??

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