St George’s Day Celebration

We like celebrating the past over here in England, and what better way than dressing up a St George (even if you are a woman), and wheeling your best mate around in a wheel-barrow race. The race was strictly for over 18’s as both the wheeler and the wheelie had to down a 1/2 pint of beer on passing a pub, and there are about 4 on this short 200m high street. Oh, and they had to do the course twice, most of it uphill.

Sound like fun to me, so long as you don’t fall off the barrow.

St George, or Georgina as she's called these days
St George, or Georgina as she’s called these days
Here comes the dragon
Here comes the dragon
Fun in a wheel barrow
Fun in a wheel barrow
Normal night out for the rugby lads
Normal night out for the rugby lads

Taken in London, UK © dannyboybroderick

33 thoughts on “St George’s Day Celebration

      1. Depends on the day really Danny! I live in Wichita KS and some aspects of it are somewhat like Emsworth Hampshire (where I’m from). People who’ve lived here all their lives and are proud of their gardens, windy most of the time, good schools and lots to do for kids! They don’t have Burton’s beer though…

      1. St George’s day was Wednesday. I reckon you could still get a wheel barrow race together for the weekend as a post St George’s day celebration. Take come pics and send them over…

        I would have to add a disclaimer that if any of you happen to fall off after being pushed around in a wheel barrow by a person who had too many drinks of an alcoholic nature, that we would in no way be liable for encouraging you to take part in such a fun activity. We are all adults, and can make our own decisions.

        Now go out and have some fun ;).

  1. Sounds like you are looking at it from the guy in the wheel barrow’s vantage point. What about the poor schmuck that has to push the darned thing?

  2. So cool. England has such a rich and, dare I say it?, interesting history. We Yanks revel in our revolution while some parts of us long for the Antebellum South. This looks like lots more fun than Civil War Re-enactors.

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