Lots Of Sky Lanterns – Loy Catong Festival – “Michael Jackson-orama”

Taken during last year’s Loy Catong festival in Thailand in November. A sky full of sky lanterns 🙂

“Michael Jackson-orama” because he’s now just a bright light drifting in the night sky … just for fun and Google … of course …



Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

31 thoughts on “Lots Of Sky Lanterns – Loy Catong Festival – “Michael Jackson-orama”

    1. It’s trickier than in the daytime, and a lot of my shots I found I had to learn more in Photoshop to bring the colours out … I reckon probably at least half my night shots with my iPhone 4s are unusable … so yes it’s trickier at night to get good photos 🙂

  1. I love this scene…so relaxed and calm in comparison to the London street picture with driving cars
    — also very beautiful.

      1. If I had $99000 to spend maybe I’d buy a 75 megapixel DSLR … but I don’t so I have to make do with what I have … plus I can’t really see myself with a bag full of lenses and a heavy camera … but never say never !

      2. I’ve always had small cameras and still been put off by having an extra valuable to carry … the advantage of the iphone is I take it everywhere anyway 🙂

      3. So I reckon in answer to your original question, it’s probably been a very awesome thing for photography putting more/better equipment into ordinary people’s hands … my photography would never have developed if my iphone didn’t have such a great camera …

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