Great Trees And Great Queens

A beautiful tree sited at the Royal Holloway University, and from the main quad, a statue of Queen Victoria. Quite outstanding show of nature and from man.



Taken at Royal Holloway University © dannyboybroderick

24 thoughts on “Great Trees And Great Queens

  1. Victoria was quite the Queen. Do you realize we are living in the second Elizabethan Age? I think she’s done a pretty good job of it.

      1. Just think of all the changes that the present Elizabeth has gone through. I still think she has done a pretty good job of it.

  2. Very nice statue of the Queen. Other than Lady liberty, there aren’t many statues of women in US. The building behind sure catches my eye…and what an interesting tree. It looks like some of it’s limbs are missing. Does that type of tree grow that way?

    1. I’m not sure if the tree grows like that. It might be the strong wind in the area has made it grow like that?

      You need a female president over there in the US to get more female statues. Two female queens (Elizabeth I and Victoria) have been greatly influential in shaping Britain.

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