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Today’s prompt – “Art”



Contrary to popular belief, art isn’t the preserve of the extremely talented or skilled or “artistic” or perfect. You only have to visit the Tate modern in London, and see a piece of hardboard painted brown, or a stack of bars of soap on a string suspended from the ceiling to realise that art is for everyone. Blogging has helped me understand what art is and what it means – we’re all artists, without exception.

This prompt is partly inspired by Laura Macky, who tells me she’s “visually” oriented, which is very plausible as she’s an excellent photographer. SO … here’s a visually oriented prompt. It’s not difficult, in fact it so easy you could get your kids to do it and they’d probably do a better job. In fact if you have kids get them to do it too.

DO – Using painting software (see resources below), select a thickish brush and paint black lines on a white background. DO NOT try to be perfect or paint anything in particular, just have fun “squiggling”. It’s a creativity exercise not a perfection competition. Do not try to copy mine. There is no getting it right or wrong, so just enjoy making whatever you make. Expend no time or thought or planning, just do it. Bear in mind that there’s a part 2 coming tomorrow, so please save your work in a file (ready for tomorrow).

Do it for fun not for reward. Sometimes I reblog, sometimes I do not – do it for the fun as I said already, if you’re having fun you’re already being rewarded.

“Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”

Write about it. Design it. Draw it. Paint it. Photograph it. Whatever it. Publish it.


Don Charisma

Resources & Sources

“Squiggles” (c) Don Charisma

I use a PC, Mac users will have to figure it out for themselves.
In Microsoft Paint, click the “resize” button, a popup will appear, select “pixels” and unckeck “maintain aspect ratio”, enter horizontal – 1024 and vertical – 1024 …. select the first brush from “brushes”, click on the largest “size” …. do squiggles … save as a .png file

In Photoshop, create a new image size 1024 x 1024, dpi 72, 8-bit, background white … select a thickish brush, choose black … do squiggles … save as .png or .psd

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54 thoughts on “Art – Don Charisma’s Prompt

  1. My husband and I were talking about artists. He feels you have to be born with the talent. I said you have to have the desire to create and that’s all you need, that is the talent. It’s helpful to have a teacher if you want to be a Master but if you want to create art for the pure joy of creating art as I do, you don’t need anything but that desire and maybe a dash of stubbornness. I don’t have the time to join in because I am in the middle of a paper and watercolor work but I will enjoy watching everyone’s work.

    1. It’s an interesting debate, and I’m from the school of “anything’s possible with Charisma” … so tend to having opposing views to people who say “born leader” or “born talented” … everyone’s of course entitled their opinion … I also believe we’re all creative, it’s a matter of unlearning the not being creative … I guess we won’t get your husband to try the squiggles then ?

      1. When he was a teenager he was a tagger, a really good one too lol…he still is pretty good Don but no, his heart isn’t there anymore.

  2. Another stunning prompt Don! I think we underestimate the importance of JUST doing it. Creativity NEEDS these kinds of exercises. I remember doing a post about if EVEN if we write a blog that is not creatively orientated we still need to be creative with it – hence doing other things that trigger our creative side, JUST so we are using that portion instead of the THINKY part IS a VERY good EXERCISE (literally) for our dear brains.
    I am SO curious to see what step two is!! 😀

    1. For sure, and I think in order to be more creative and spontaneous we probably have to unlearn some of the blocks … step 2 is a secret, and arguably funner than step 1 🙂

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