Beach Sunset Yellows Blues Reds

This is a one shot deal sunset where I’ve managed to capture yellows, blues and reds …

It’s a rare beauty for sure, painted exquisitely on God’s canvass …


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

58 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Yellows Blues Reds

  1. Oh, these colors make me feel like the day I posted about light this past week. The character of the light is so moving to me. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Nothing can top nature. All we can do as artists is try our best to convey what our eyes see and put it to words, canvas, film or screen. No matter how skilled we are there’s no way we can come close to the real beauty of God’s creation.

    That said, this is an awesome photograph…but I bet it was a lot better witnessing it live with your own two eyes.


    1. For sure Eric, nothing like seeing it with one’s own eyes and even better when one is “in the moment” … I do my best to bring out the colours and the best from the photos I take, sometimes there’s “artistic license”, but someone said to me “it’s your art man”

      1. Whoever is was is a wise person. It is your art. you’ve just got to go with what feels right and make it your own!!

  3. Now this is different If it hadn’t been stated as Thailand, I would have said Ireland!. Made me quite homesick! Des.

      1. Ah, ok hun you know best, how’s yer feet those stiletoes look uncomforable and that, well, erm skirt looks like someone painted it on … are you sure you want to walk the 20 miles home ?

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      3. You told me you had a plan to prosper this business of go go clubs. “Hun, I just need you to work the room a couple hours. Give the guys a wink. Show’em a good time.” Well, I did, he wanted me to sit on his lap. I don’t do that! He stiffed me on the drinks. I accepted the watch as payment. His friend was in the middle of making you an offer you couldn’t refuse. The club in Rome. It would have been ours by the time the plane landed. Now we’re in the back of this Polish man’s truck just livin the life.

      4. Whoah, did I say that out loud … hun, look we need some girls to work in the club, perhaps this polish fella driving the truck has some daughters who might enjoy working for us ?

      5. Those three ropey old goats, for a truck, you must be joking … ah well, onwards and upward … now where did you put those sandwiches dearest ?

      6. [Gonna have to wrap it up there hun, I’m beat still have work to do … very much enjoying, we’re make a pretty good couple !] … check inbox, sent from my yahoo …

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