Kung Beach

In Thai – Kung (or sometimes Gung) means prawn or shrimp.


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

24 thoughts on “Kung Beach

      1. Actually Kung Fu has spread all over the globe, but in particular in that area of the world, although the main martial art of that area is Muay Thai, you can still influences of Kung Fu throughout.

        But yeah, I get it, joke fell flat.

      2. LOL, sometimes I’m just piling through 250-300 comments a day, and don’t always choose the exact response that people expect … sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude 🙂

      3. ok good, don’t like to piss people off who don’t deserve it … there’s plenty of trolls on internet who do, and I don’t think you’re one of them 🙂

      1. It’s only the males that call each other ‘shrimps’. Actually it’s probably a throw-back from my childhood and people don’t actually say it any more. Maybe I am just showing my age.

      2. ah ok, makes sense hun … and I think shrimp is more common in aussie than uk, you guys eat at xmas I hear … age, I thought you’re 29 ?

  1. I tapped on the video and I love madman and so happy you the video to remind…and your blog is so fun and so much beauty..hope you had a great weekend.!!
    I was just reading some of your comments..fun…see you soon again
    Your a special kind of guy..loved words on the angel award..beautiful

    1. For sure … but there’s usually some thai’s around who cook the shrimps, and not too expensive … I’ve seen people fishing with nets here for shrimp, so I think that’s why it’s shrimp beach …

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