Extra Skinny Ocean Sunset Towerama

Extra skinny so you can see the whole of the heavens 🙂

This is 7 landscape photos merged with PTGui Pro.

Enjoy 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

151 thoughts on “Extra Skinny Ocean Sunset Towerama

  1. Omg those clouds are incredible! They mirror the texture of the sea perfectly, what an awesome moment to have seen and captured 🙂 x

      1. You’ve got that right. I guess you call it “This Side of Heaven” which is one of my pieces in Sahara Rose.

      1. I know that hun, just playing, you should know that by now … I think we like enough and respect each other enough to joke around a bit 🙂

      2. To be honest I lost the thread hun, and was piling through about 300 comments … I know I should have looked it up, so you can blame me … I was wondering when it was going to be my fault anyway !

      3. Starting to lose track anyway hun … it’s nearly time for sleep here …

        Listen why don’t we try and do a collaborative impro thing on my blog, I’ve been thinking of it, and you’re very spontaneous … could be right up your street ?

      4. Awesome … I have at least one other in mind, he’s a practising impro guy … I’d like to help people learn to be more spontaneous, and that includes my self 🙂

        What I haven’t exactly figured out is how to make it work on the blog, but didn’t someone say “anything’s possible with charisma” 🙂

      5. 🙂 ok hun, if you have any ideas on impro games we could do on my blog, would be interested to hear … the main issue is how to get them to work smoothely and interactively …

      6. That’s ok, I noticed you have a lot of monks hanging around, so assumed you must be a temple … do they light incense and put gold leaf on you ?

      7. Pull up a chair, DC. 😉 My thinking is that women may do this mock pouting face you speak of, in a way, to enhance the other person’s drive to tease the “poutee”. You know, help them along, if you will. Encourage rough housing, I suppose.

        Now the honest pouting face…well that looks good on no one and should be avoided at all costs.

      8. I’d say that’s more your generation … I guess in your day, your dudes where still beating you over the head with clubs and dragging you around by the hair … and the animal skin clothes you wore, mum must have had some skill … what I really couldn’t live with though is electricity, how you managed to do things at night in your cave I don’t really know … still, nevermind, at least these days you have all the creature comforts 🙂

      9. Up to you really, but generally “the animals” as we call our customers like to eat in our restaurant … What an earth was a gogo dancer like yourself doing at the north pole ?

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