Running Sunset Girl

This evening’s sunset here was breathtaking, really I haven’t seen anything like it before. It had the awe of what looked like massive explosions in the distance, without any of the noise and mayhem. Like a silent apocalypse, if that makes any sense.

I filled my iPhone entirely using up the space for the 600 photos I can get on it.

This is kind of by way of a preview. I wasn’t meaning to capture the girl running past, she just happened to pass as I pressed the button. when I got home, I just really liked the shot. She’s wearing a life-jacket, as a boyancy aid, she’s just come out of the sea from swimming.

The “shadows” from the cords are an effect of the HDR photography. Basically from what I understand a HDR photo is three photos combined into one, taken a tiny fraction of a second apart. For objects that don’t move no problem. But for things like a running girl, then the images don’t match up so we get shaddows. This is why HDR is not recommended for shooting scenes with movement.

Without further ado, “Running Sunset Girl” :

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

46 thoughts on “Running Sunset Girl

  1. I’m guessing this is not possible with an iPhone, but if you have a camera that can save images in RAW mode, then you can actually make an hdr image with one shot, thus eliminating the problem of movement!

    1. Hey Steve, yes you are right the iphone combines the 3 images on the device. Only option would be to let the phone take the HDR and non-HDR shots, but I found that confusing when going through the photos at home, plus it halves the capacity of photos I can take … so what you can’t fix, you feature, right ?

    1. Thanks hun … and yes it’s lovely to get home and look through the photos, and be like wow, now that is cool, I couldn’t have shot that if I’d tried … all’s well with you, you’ve been a bit quiet …

      1. All fine Don 😉
        Thanks hey.
        Just been a little tied up in reality land 😉
        Off to bed now now now – clocks went forward an hour today – always a confusing – um – time !

      2. Yes I know the computer gave me the heads up on that so it’s an hour later than it should be … good to catch up when you have time hun 🙂

      3. Oh – time – hoping I will soon have a little more. Got a lot caught up on over the weekend 😉
        (even though they stole an hour from us!)
        Happy Mondays right~

      4. 😆 … mojo is coming back, making these trips to Cambodia always tires me out, as with any travelling really … there’s always some background stress !

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