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I’m less of reader and more of a looker. I’d choose a film over a book, or a photo over a poem, it’s just how god built me. There is some babble that circulates about men being visually oriented and women aurally oriented. I don’t know if this is “true” or not. I just know that I’m more see do than hear do 🙂

For me looking at chocolate is more satisfying than reading about it, and eating chocolate is very much more satisfying than either of the previous. Visually imagining something is to me more enjoyable than imagining imagining something … if that makes sense.

So why Cupcake Writer ? Because she asked me, really … politely. I couldn’t also detect that she “wanted” something, more than my help because she’s fairly new to blogging – three months I think. I’m also a more than a little bit into art/graphic design myself, so not calling us “kindred spirits”, but I can understand what she’s doing.

She left this comment for me :

Wow! This is an incredible shot. Obviously you’ve got lots of photography experience 🙂 I don’t take my own pictures, but I’m a graphic designer who also tries to capture feelings in pictures and make things look visually wonderful. It would be amazing if you could look at some of my work and tell me what you think. My blog is, and thank you so much for the follow. Have a great day! Cupcake_Writer

So I’ve looked at some of your work Cupcake Writer, and I like it. That’s what I think. But people usually want more than that. They think you’re lying if you just say – I like it. It’s a bit like, well prove you like it. Which I aim to do even thought I don’t reckon I’m all that good at proving it !

Art/Design critic I am not, so please forgive me if I’m getting it totally wrong 🙂

Weeklies #3: Galaxy Girl“Galaxy Girl” is Cupcake’s latest space-age creation. I’m a sucker for a pretty lady, but that aside, I like these for the same reason that I like the street art lady I posted  – “Street Art – David Walker”

Girl-beauty is wonderful, but without personality, well it’s like a diamond without a setting. The ring the diamond is set in, it’s a major part of it’s personality. Without it it doesn’t truly “sparkle”. has chosen this one as the background for her blog, and I suspect probably her favourite. I like what the colours and textures add to the photo. I don’t know what the astronomers call this effect, but it’s similar to what I see when doing my sunsets and sunrise, like a kind of rainbow thing. one she has that kind of paint thrown at a canvass effect – speckled ?. The colours and effect for me give a sombre tone. It also reminds me of a kind of vintage/aged look. lastly the planets and galaxies or milky ways, give a kind of really positive glow, like mother nature herself. It’s like cloud watching, or for astronomers I guess they call it star watching or galaxy watching. What will pop out in god’s canvass next, will it be a beautiful woman or will it be a house with a white picket fence ? Who can tell on God’s canvass !

Life Goes On’ve a good friend here on WordPress – Suz Jones. Her favourite quote is “It Goes On”. So Cupcake’s motto, “Life Goes On” reminded me of my friend, so why I’m mentioning it and showcasing it out of the work on Cupcake’s blog.

For me both of these variations are a reminder that life changes, it’s about the only thing that is certain is that things will change. Embracing this universal truth is a pretty wise move.

The vintage photo style is cool, and I like the lettering appears as if it’s “lit” like an important sign. The wavy lines add a hint of “changing” to the image.

Bottom Line

I like Cupcake Writer’s work. It rings a chord with me because of some of my own graphic design and photography – Looking at how the visual is composed and how we can present something beautiful to the eye. Trying new ideas, experimenting and learning.

I hope she will continue to blog, and it’s my pleasure to give her a hearty welcome by way of showcasing her a little bit to you guys. I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with, and I love the arty direction that she’s chosen with her latest post. She describes herself as a graphic designer, but I’m certainly seeing the artist too.

As for critical appraisal, I don’t do that in public, I don’t think it’s in the individual’s best interest. Also a lot of any criticism is subjective anyway. So don’t ask me for my “feedback” publicly, I don’t and won’t give it. IN ANY CASE, I could find very little in the way of critical appraisal for Cupcake Writer’s work and how I’ve experienced her as a person. She’s polite, charming and her work, is in my opinion very good.

Advice for her – Keep on doing what you’re doing, try as many new things as you can and please do try and take your own photos. Taking your own photos is great for your visual skills and it means that you can start to build your own library of copyright free images. And don’t forget about your audience and promoting yourself, that’s very important.

That’s probably enough telling the world and Cupcake Writer what I think for now !

Please do visit Cupcake Writer –

Warm regards

Don Charisma

Resources & Sources

Three Galaxy Girls & Life Goes On – (c) Cupcake Writer
David Walker Street Art – (c) David Walker
Writing & Cupcake Writer Graphic (c) Don Charisma (photo courtesy morgueFile)

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30 thoughts on “Cupcake Writer

  1. Wow, thank you so much! When I commented, I was definitely not expecting all of this feedback and amazingness!!! As I was reading this post, a huge smile started stretching across my face. This is wonderful. I am trying to get my work out there, but as you said, it’s important to be taking my own pictures as well. I’m still shopping to find my dream camera, maybe a DSLR, but even then I have a long way to go. But then again, who doesn’t? I hope that I constantly have a long way to go, so that I keep climbing higher and higher. Your feedback on my edits have really helped, and the way that you saw the third “Galaxy Girl” was really uplifting because that wasn’t my favorite, and I was even debating on whether to put it up in the first place. But now, because of you, I see the appeal and the whimsical magic of the whole spread. I’m looking for design internships for the near future (fingers crossed), and this has rejuvenated me to keep it up. Again, thank you so much for all your feedback and comments. This made my day, and I hope you have a great one in return!!! -C_W

    1. You are very welcome hun, I prefer to do a feature than a reblog and I liked the way you asked !

      You’re doing great as far as I’m concerned and take your time, learn and enjoy. I really enjoy the graphics and photography, and had a lot of encouragement on here from friends like Suz Jones and, they are good people.

      I use my iPhone 4s for all my photography as it’s always with me, and fiddling with lenses and settings isn’t my thing.

      We also have and possible we might like someone on graphic design side of things. I can’t promise anything at this exact moment, I’d need to discuss with my business partner anyway – send me an email if that might interest you …

      The promoting side of online is very important, so please do remember that things like presentation of your posts in the reader is important – do a little research on tags and categories and use them (less than 15 in total). Also commenting on other people’s blogs and following them. I’d go as far as to say most friendly decent bloggers often will follow you back.

      Warm regards

      Don Charisma

  2. Interesting post. I do agree that Miss Cupcake Writer should seriously consider taking her own photos. I have found that the creativity that goes into photography, presentation, and the cooking all go hand-in-hand.

    1. For sure, it was advice given to me many many years ago by a graphic designer friend, and it’s only recently through my blog/photography and graphic design that I take it more seriously and have gotten around to semi-organising my photos … in essence they are related skills and publishers like us need to have those skills 🙂

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